CATS 101: A Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Bed

Let’s list down the things we need to consider before we purchase the perfect cat bed.

Whether you’re already a cat parent or still planning to be one. You should already have written a list of what to buy for your cat. From cat food, cat shampoo, cat litter, scratch post tower, and even the type of cat bed for your furry friend.

If you haven’t nailed this yet, we’ll be helping you choose the best pet bed for cats in the UK!

Let’s list down the things we need to consider before we purchase the perfect cat bed.

1. Material

First and foremost, the material of the cat bed is very important. Some cats are allergic to specific materials, so make sure not to choose anything that can trigger their allergies. The most popular material choices are faux fur and fleece. You can check out a variation of cat beds with different covers that you can choose from. Because we know that cats too have personalities and you have certain preferences when it comes to things inside your beautiful home, you can check out a selection of colours too! 

2. Size

Another important thing to consider is making sure your cat has a bed that is right for their size. You don’t want your feline’s bed to look so small or too big for them. Ambient lounge has a a selection of pet beds that can be used by cats, dogs, some even use them for goats. It’s up to you really. However, you can get the special feature of our cat bed with a hoodie and a play ball in the exclusive size of small.  

3. Durability

Feline pets are known for excessive scratching and biting certain areas of your furniture at home so make sure their beds will be able to withstand those. Just like their fur parents, their beds should at least last for a couple of years. Good thing ambient lounge cat beds are scratch-resistant! Because we know that it is natural for cats to scratch, we made sure that we built cat beds that are tough and strong enough. Sharp claws? Bring it on!

4. Cleanliness

For the cat beds to last for a long time, make sure that the material of the bed is easy to wash at any time of the day. The main priority here is the health of your pets, so pick a bed that will definitely keep your feline pet safe and sound. Although cats are known for being relatively clean creatures, we can never be too sure about the cleanliness of their favourite lounging space. Ambient Lounge cat beds have a waterproof base that is extremely easy to clean compared to most beds. The faux fur interchangeable top can be unzipped and washed gently. You can also choose to get your feline a thermoquilt cover. Not only is it also waterproof, it is also perfect to keep your cats cool during hot summer days.

5. Style

Choose a cat bed that matches the aesthetic of your house. Over time, several styles and types of cat beds have been invented in the interest of your kitty comfort.

I. Cat Caves

First off on our list are the Cat Caves, these are essentially "hideout" spots for your cat. Its design offers your cat a shelter type of bed so that they’ll have their own covered space when they want to be alone. 

II. Orthopedic Cat Beds

Up next, are the orthopedic beds. This type of bed is designed specifically for older cats and cats with mobility issues. A bed with thick foam and padding that is more comfortable than the traditional one. This helps your cat to relieve pressure in areas that are aching. 

III. Self-warming Cat Beds

This type of bed is pretty much explained in the name itself, a self-warming cat bed is made from specific materials that reflect your cat's body heat back to them, keeping your cat warm and fuzzy during winter.

IV. Window-perched Cat Bed 

A lot of cats love to sleep by the window and they like to fall asleep in the sunlight they can find. For these feline pets, a window perch cat bed is the best cat bed for them. 

V. Furniture-style Cat bed

Under this category are the chaise cat bed, tree cat bed, a castle cat bed, a bed-style cat bed – and many more. These beds can be your go-to type of bed to match that aura that your cat gives off.

To make your life easier as a cat parent, you may want to check out the ambient lounge cat bed. Choose from faux fur covers that come in a variety of colours while giving your cat a personal cave to burrow into.

Now that we’ve given you guidelines on how to choose the best cat bed for your feline pet, don’t forget to buy what is best suited for them. Once you find that they are comfortable in their new bed, then your cat bed hunt is a SUCCESS!


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