premium pink dog beds

by ambient lounge®


chew resistant pink base

Fully Washable & Removable cover

Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility

Waterproof cover

Pink Dog Bed

luxury pink dog bed

UK's most loved premium dog bed by ambient lounge now comes in a small & medium size and in gorgeous PINK… perfect for the cute, smaller breeds of UK dogs like yours

This small Pink Dog Bed is perfect for all cats or smaller dogs such Teacup, Maltese, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Fox Terrier, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Brussels Griffon, Russian Toy etc. Bean bags have made ideal beds for dogs and cats for many years, but we decided to take it to a new level of luxury and versatility with Ambient Lounge Pink Dog Bed. Why? Because your pet is worth a few extra bucks for night after night of blissful comfort.


Limited Edition Pink Dog Beds. (until stocks last)

Watching them sink and calm into the thick pink faux fur and close their tiny eyes in bliss. It's nothing short of adorable! The beautiful ambient lounge bed is made with limited edition frosted pink lush fur and will last your doggo a lifestime of blissful sleeps.

This beautiful pink dog bed is sized to fit in any inner city London/Manchester/Newcastle/Nottingham/Ediburgh apartment whether placed in a living room or corner of your bedroom. For those who have cats, they also love them. Don’t forget our feline friends who might just claim this for their own or even share with your dog.

You want the best for your dogs don't you?... When you want to bring your dog inside the house, the snuggly pink faux fur quilted cover allows your dog curl up in loving comfort. Our inner elastic system helps the pink dog bed to sink under the surface and your dog to immerse itself inside the secured walls of the dog bed. Mmmm... he/she may never want to go outside!

Thermocool Mat

Get our Thermocool Mat for your furbabies too...

• helps cool your dog or cat in warm weather • Compatible to place within ambient lounge pet beds & thermal covers • Provides a cool, soft, comfortable, portable surface on a floor during heatwaves • Aids in the relief of pain, swelling, discomfort & stress, • Relief for dogs prone to heat stroke, hip dysplasia, Cushing's disease, allergies, post-surgery, skin conditions, post-chemotherapy. • Contains 100% non-toxic gel, safe for both human and pets • No refrigeration required

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Need SPARE Fur Pink Top Cover? We got you!

If your pampered pooch or puss has pulled, peed, pooped or otherwise transformed the fur top on this beautiful Ambient Lounge pink dog bed into a matted mess that won’t recover even when you wash it… help is at hand for a third of the cost of a new bean bag you can give Fido a brand new luxurious fur top to just zip onto his pet bed. Voila! like new again. Oh, and keep the messy one as an old friend that he can chew on in the future. Let the love continue.

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Pink Dog Bed

Want some aesthetic vibe for your pet?... Go for Cappuccino

Beige Pet Bed

Treat your small, adorable dogs to sheer opulence with a new range of Premium Pet Beds, lovingly made in a subtly elegant, cozy cappuccino fabric to die for.

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