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Where can I buy a small dog bed?

Dog beds come in all sorts of sizes and often the easiest one to find is a small dog bed for our small dogs. Ambient lounge designed a luxurious dog bed that comes in a variety of colours from grey, cappuccino, ballerina pink and even interchangeable covers like the waterproof ThermoQuilt cover in both beige and grey and the wild animal.
You can purchase a luxury small dog bed at or visit the showroom in Nottingham.These small dog beds are famous for being chew-resistant which allows them to last many doggy years, even for dogs who are extra active. The base of this small dog bed is also waterproof so cleaning them is a breeze, especially for fur-parents. With a pre-filled small dog bed by ambient lounge, all you and your dog have to do is relax and wait for your dog bed to arrive and it’s ready to lounge just like that. However, these opulent dog beds that you can get from ambient lounge are not just available in a small size. You can browse through the entire pet lounge collection and check out the sizes from small up to extra extra large. There’s a dog bed for every dog size! 

What is the right sized dog bed for a small dog breed?

As a rule of thumb, your dog’s bed should be 6-12 inches bigger than his/her body. Before you buy a dog bed, measure your dog from the tip of the nose down to the base of its tail and form each side. Once you have this measure, add 6-12 inches, and that’s how big your dog bed should be. If you can a dog bed that is simply too small for your dog, it would be harder to sleep and relax to the point that the dog bed may not even be used at all. At the same time, you also have to make sure that the dog bed is not too big so that it is easier for your dog to climb onto it and to ensure that your dog will not have a hard time moving in and out of it. The bottom line is, always check your dog’s size or ask the professionals at ambient lounge to help you out in picking the dog bed that is right for the breed of your dog. A small ambient lounge luxury dog bed measures H: 15cm x W: 47cm x D: 64cmWhich is just the right size for small breeds like toy poodles, french bulldogs and chihuahuas.

How do I clean a dog bed?

The difficulty or ease of cleaning a dog bed depends on the dog bed that you got for your dog. Luxury dog beds from ambient lounge with a waterproof and chew-resistant base is comparatively easier to clean given that you can just easily wipe the dirt off with a clean damp cloth or even hose it down for tougher messes as if you are just washing your car. Zip the top covers off and simply give it a gentle wash and line dry. Easy as that! No need to scrub so hard and wring the dog bed until all the water comes out. This type of dog bed is especially advisable when you are a first-time dog parent and you are just about to potty train a puppy. This was, certain dirt like poop or pee will not be a big problem.

What are the benefits of having a dog bed?

If you are a long-time pet owner or if you have done your research about dogs, you would know that dogs are very particular about scent. That is why often, he picks a place in your home and that becomes his spot. However, there are many benefits for your dog when he/she has a dog bed all to his/herself other than just having his own place in the house but we can start with that.-Your dog’s space Sometimes, dogs also want to be in just one corner and away from a lot of commotion especially as they grow older. Dogs sleep more than 10-12 hours a day and having a soft and cosy dog bed for them to relax and shut their eyes without being bothered is the kind thing to do.At the same time, this also means that there are lesser chances of your dog invading your bed because he/she already has his/her own dog bed. -Keeps him warm or cool Depending on the dog bed that you bought for your dog, this can help him/her to stay warm during colder seasons or cool during very hot days. It’s also a good point to consider this when picking out a dog bed. Take the ambient lounge dog bed as an example. Great for indoors and outdoors, whatever season or temperature.-Helps with comfort and recovery Dog beds play a big role in providing your dogs with the comfort that they need. Whether they just want to relax soundly and comfortably on a soft and lush dog bed or if your doggo is recovering from any sickness or surgery, a dog bed with some extra features can help make the healing process better and easier.

Can I also use small dog beds for cats?

Dog beds are basically pet beds and you can always choose to have your cats and other pets use a dog bed. Just remember that dogs and cats have different habits and preferences but if the pet bed that you got is versatile and has the features that your furry feline will also enjoy, then go for it! Cats deserve the opulence and love too!One thing to note is that cats often like to scratch. That’s why they are given scratching posts otherwise, there goes all your wooden furniture. If you want to get your cat a pet bed, better look into scratch-resistant pet beds like ambient lounge’s cat beds that also come with a hoodie and a small playball hanging on top.

How can I stop my dog from chewing his dog bed?

Remember that it is natural for dogs to become heavy chewers especially when they are still puppies. However, they will eventually outgrow this but they need the help of their owners and trainers to help get rid of this destructive habit. In the meantime, opt to get a chew-resistant dog bed that can handle the pressure and teeth of your small puppers. They may be tiny but they sure do pack a punch when it comes to chewing! You can also look into optional things like using chewing sprays if you feel like your dog bed is too precious and you do not want to even risk it.

How do I pick a dog bed?

When picking a dog bed for your dogs, it is important to keep in mind certain things, similar to when you are shopping for a baby or for a child. -Right sizeOne of the top three things to note when picking out a bed is the important question of “how big is the dog bed?” versus the next question “how big is your dog?”Getting the wrong sized dog bed can be the biggest mistake for a dog parent to make given that this will also be a determining factor if your dog will use the dog bed or will it mainly just be a prop?-Right material It cannot be stressed enough that a cheap dog bed made with cheap material is as good as gone if you give it to an active and high-energy dog who loves to chew. Make sure to invest in a dog bed that has a chew-resistant feature to make sure that you do not have to keep buying a dog bed every time one dog bed gets chewed to pieces (again). -Right featuresWhen you are buying things for your dog, remember that this is a fur baby that may need some extra features here and there to help you manage things at home as well. It is best if you can get a dog bed that has a waterproof feature, or at least has the capability to easily be cleaned or washed.

Why isn’t my dog using the dog bed?

Well, let’s face it. There are just things that are difficult to explain and we cannot always read our dog’s minds. However, if you got your dog a new dog bed be he/she is refusing to go on it and sleep, your dog may still be warming up to it or there is something about the dog bed that doesn’t feel very inviting. You can try washing the dog bed or to air it out just to make sure that there isn’t any disturbing or displeasing smell for your dogs.
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