It all started with a passion and concept of our Melbourne born designer & founder - way back in 1998 – to make beautiful, sophisticated, commercial grade soft furniture with real structure & practical form … out of comfortable and functional materials.

Influenced by the creative Australian contemporary interior design landscape, fused with a relaxed lifestyle and a hint of Melbourne café & urban culture, Grant and his design team dared to breathe life into a tired category with fresh and relevant next-level designs. As epic wide-eyed travelers -  the Ambient Lounge® crew always had a global long-term vision that cushion culture is timeless & loved in almost every country in some shape or form – meaning there were no boundaries for growth and innovation if combined with modern textures. Comfortable, low, structured, cushioned seating knows no language and held no barriers and has occupied people homes for hundreds of years from Istanbul, New York, St Petersburg, London, Cairo, Shanghai, Amsterdam to Kyoto. 


Ambient Lounge acoustic sofa bean bag in Cambodia     Lightweight Butterfly Sofa bean bag by Ambient Lounge in Tokyo

(Pictured Above): Ambient Lounge Acoustic Sofa in Cambodia and lightweight Butterfly Sofa in Shibuya, Tokyo.


An easy journey? Well ....not really! It’s tough pioneering a new category of furniture. A lot of years of research, sketches, resources, samples, sweat and tears went into the development of the quality range that’s has now evolved into the peerless Gold class collection. The Ambient Lounge group have now successfully transformed the humble (and often maligned) bean bag into inspiring and fashionable designer furniture that you can trust has been made to the highest standards with dedicated, specialist care.


Inventors of the ingenious patented Funnlweb “zip & tip” system, internal elastic bean bag manufacturing, quilted multi-compartments and bean bag fabric designers without peer – this brand has carved out a niche that struck a chord with new-age lifestyle home owners and commercial venues that needed something beautiful & casual in their interior and outdoor living spaces.


WATCH HERE: Why Ambient Lounge® have revolutionized bean bag furniture with the Funnelweb™ System:


Initially launched in the UK and Australia in 2004 - Ambient Lounge® is now a global brand sold in most developed countries; and focused on industry leadership and continual ground-breaking innovation. Industry leaders agree that Ambient Lounge® bean bags are a paradigm shift in the evolution of bean bags; creating a style used in high profile projects for designer clubs, cafes, penthouses, cinemas and luxury apartments - as well as student dorms and Air BnB housing.

In today's hectic times we all cherish our diminishing leisure time. So whether you are chilling out with a café latte, lost in an enthralling novel, gripped by a DVD thriller or watching you favourite team take home the cup, your Ambient Lounge® bean bag furniture is the best seat in the house.

Enjoy Your Ambient Lounging! x


Ambient Lounge bean bags in College Green Bristol, UK

(Pictured Above): Ambient Lounge Twin Couch in the College Green Student Cinema, Bristol, UK

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