What is SoLuxe Filling?

SoLuxe Foam Mix Filling is a new type of bean bag filling by ambient lounge® that offers a revolutionary way of enjoying luxury bean bags. This is a mix of the ambient lounge® Premium Ultra-Bead Filling and high-quality hypoallergenic foam.

We’ve found a way to repurpose and recycle foam off cuts to not only be more sustainable but also to minimise waste.

By using SoLuxe Foam bean bag filling, you can feel a big difference comfort-wise. If the Premium Ultra-Bead Filling already gives you that luxurious relaxation feels, get ready to be blown away by that elevated level of comfort that the SoLuxe Foam Mix Filling can give you. Try this out for your very own luxury bean bags!

How is SoLuxe Better Than Regular Bean Bag Filling?

With spring-like technology, crushed foam mixed with the bean bag filling creates resistance to settling You can enjoy the elasticity of the sofa for a longer time compared to using regular bean bag filling without requiring a top-up.

SoLuxe is a harmonious blend of crushed recycled foam & poly bead to create a 60/40 balanced filling solution. It is a combination of crushed recycled foam & high-density poly bead mix.

Air pockets surround each area internally creating resistance to settling. We source high-quality & hypoallergenic foam offcuts from the furniture & mattress industry reducing extra landfill.

Foam from existing products is recycled & crushed to create our SoLuxe filling solution. This reduces the amount of plastic that goes into our products. Foam has pockets of air between each layer, creating bounce & structure. With this innovation, the bean bag filling does not compress easily unlike Poly bead does.

How can I avail the SoLuxe Filling?

The SoLuxe Filling by ambient lounge is available for all purchases in the UK. To get a SoLuxe Filled luxury bean bag, simply tap on the options drop-down section beside or below the product that you wish to purchase. Select the “SoLuxe Prefilled Foam Mix” option. Your ambient lounge product will be delivered to you pre-filled with the mix of high-quality and hypoallergenic foam plus our premier ultra-bead filling. 

How long does it take to have SoLuxe-Filled Bean Bags Delivered?

Delivery dates for single loungers/bean bags, SoLuxe Filled Bean Bags and Modular Sets vary. You may refer to the details below for the ETA per category:

  • Single Bean Bags/Pet Beds: 2-3 working days (option cover & bean bag filling delivered separately)
  • Space Pod: 2-5 working days (prefilled)
  • Option SoLuxe filled bean bags: 3-5 weeks (prefilled)
  • Modular Set: 4-5 weeks (prefilled)
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