cooling mats for dogs

by ambient lounge®


• helps cool your dog or cat in warm weather

• Compatible to place within ambient lounge dog beds & thermal covers

• Provides a cool, soft, comfortable, portable surface on a floor during heatwaves

• Aids in the relief of pain, swelling, discomfort & stress

• Relief for dogs prone to heat stroke, hip dysplasia, Cushing's disease, allergies, post-surgery, skin conditions, post-chemotherapy.

• Contains 100% non-toxic gel, safe for both human and pets

• No refrigeration required

This multi-purpose Thermo Cooling Mats by ambient lounge® are designed to keep your dog feeling cool and comfortable on any surface. 

(Large) Multi-Purpose Dog Cooling Mat


(Small) Multi-Purpose Dog Cooling Mat


***Use the cooling mat under the cover of your ambient lounge luxury dog bed to keep your dog's sleeping temperature even and insulated. (Fits both the large sized and fold to fit for the medium) Works after freezing in dog beds - but also stays cool for hours without the need for refrigeration, making it the perfect cooling mat for car seat, patio or balcony or hard surface floor.

And It’s here at last!...

The world’s most popular dog beds by ambient lounge® now comes in a temperature controlled waterproof, quilts surface, quilted version for dogs that might occasionally prefer to sleep cooler. 

Fully versatile, the removable thermo quilted cover can be used on the floor surface or taken outdoors as a travel mat. The base is ambient lounge’s famous chew resistant and highly durable indoor/outdoor bed, you have a waterproof outdoor bean bag that's easy to scrub clean & is chew-resistant. Made with our special internal elastic system, the dog bed allows your dogs to curl up and feel secure with the soft surface and the outer walls.

These premium quality, quilted beds not only feel amazing for your furry friends - They look pretty cool as well.

Want to add some fun?

A multi-purpose, chew toy for your dog.

Play-balls are great way to help pups through the process of teething. They help alleviate the pain, irritation & distress caused by growing. For older dogs, the play-ball keeps jaws strong & teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom & can relieve mild anxiety.


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