top tips in decorating a space with pink

If you love this colour but are still feeling a bit scared or not sure how to incorporate it in your space, we put together this guide to help you finally put together the pink accents and pieces you’ve been wanting to have.

Often considered as too girly or feminine, pink was not always considered as one of the top of best colour choices when decorating spaces and homes.

Homeowners usually fear that using pink will result in an overkill and have their homes end up looking like a little girl’s bedroom. While that could actually work for your daughter’s bedroom, that should not be the case for the rest of your house!

Times are changing and these days, the trends from fashion, home decor, and even fine dining have all started to love a rosier outlook. It’s safe to say that pink is finally having its moment in home decor.

If you love this colour but are still feeling a bit scared or not sure how to incorporate it in your space, we put together this guide to help you finally put together the pink accents and pieces you’ve been wanting to have.

7 things to remember when decorating with pink

1. no two pinks are the same

Different shades of pink can give off different vibes. Brighter and more saturated tones like fuschia or magenta connote strength and femininity. On the other hand, lighter shades of pink swat toward tranquility, innocence, softness, and delicateness.

2. pink doesn't have to be girly

In fact, pink can be masculine. Specifically, Benjamin Moore’s Salmon Peach, is a great pink-peach tone perfect for a masculine room if you want to create a captivating and smart conflict in your space. It’s hardly subtle and combines handsomely with darker grays and blacks.

3. pair pink with other neutrals

By creating contrast with other neutral colors — like offwhite, white, black or charcoal — you can achieve a more subtle approach of using pink. This pairing helps ground the colour and tones down the palette so it doesn’t appear overwhelming.

Unless you are aiming to create an obvious and impactful statement with pink, go for ethereal shades that give off lighter gestures of the colour pink


4. pink can be a neutral

Pink is impeccable when used as a neutral. Soft pink is a very pleasant alternative to beige and also perfectly complements other materials, design, and artwork. To achieve this quality, go for a less saturated tone of pink tinted with white.

The easiest way for pink to be seen as a neutral color is to combine it in a palette of other soft colours. Think of a palette using incremental shades from offwhite to pink. Using these colors would give an overall neutral feel to your room.

A specific example is this Pink Ground from Farrow & Ball. It is a shade of pink that gives off an ethereal quality with just a hint of colour, thus conveying neutrality. This colour is rich but not overwhelming.

5. use pink in luxe materials

Pink in leather or suede adds personality and texture in your room. Plus fabrics, on the other hand, like velvet give off a vibe of richness.

For a chic look, pink marble is the perfect choice.  The pink marble columns at the Grand Trianon at Versailles are a large testament to this.

At home, your kitchen backsplash and bathroom are just some of the places to put pink marble on.

And lastly, for your bedroom, this pink bean bag chair can serve as an accent piece with a texture while also being a perfect addition to your reading or relaxation nook.

6. layer, layer, layer

Contrary to what most people think, you can layer a room in pink without making the place look overwhelming. Use uncommon surfaces and textures like a drapery cuff or a subtle welt on a pillow.

Remember to stick to more structured and cleaner lines. Avoid the clichés of pinstripes, ruffles, and sweet floral patterns.

7. pink has a place in (almost) every room

Pink looks beautiful in just about any room. In a dressing room, a pretty pink is a lovely choice. The colour warms the space, makes a pretty backdrop for your wardrobe, and gives an overall flattering effect on the skin tone.

If you want to make a big statement and an exciting first impression, dress up your foyer with a glossy lacquer or pink in a plaster. 


 For your kitchen, if you want to put accents of pink, we suggest that you do them in small ways like your tableware or by including fresh flowers. Another option is to add pink silk or suede linings inside your drawers and cabinets. This way, resale value would not be affected as there are people who are not fans of a predominantly pink kitchen.

And lastly even the spaces reserved for your pets can be decorated with a pink aesthetic. This pink dog bed and pink cat bed are both pretty and functional. They can be used by your pets for comfort while serving as an additional accent to your space.

colours that go with pink when decorating 

Aside from being a bold colour, people are also cautious about incorporating pink in because they are unsure what other colours go well with it.

But the secret to making it work in your home is to pair pink with complementary hues. Look at the colour wheel and see which ones are across pink. You can also select shades that are more saturated than the usual muted nudes. One last trick is to layer it with tons of rich texture to achieve a pleasing pink-hued room.


To help you get started, here are five colours you can choose from that go well with pink:

1. pink and black

The pink and black pairing is one of the more widely used combinations in home design. Black is impactful and creates a feel of depth and lushness when combined with pink. Paired with any shade of pink, black grounds and balances the energy and happy vibes pink brings in a room.

A hot and vibrant pink, like this pink sofa or this pink chaise set, might seem like a bold choice. But you can balance out the room by adding in black. This will look even better in rooms that have a lot of other neutral pieces.

Black also goes well with softer shades of pink. This combination gives a beautiful balance between dark and light, hard and soft.

Conversely, adding a bit of black accents to a space with a dominant pink palette adds drama and personality in an otherwise calm, soft space.

2. pink and teal

The pink and teal combination has become more and more popular in recent years. In the past, it was often viewed as childish. But today, there are so many ways these two colours work together to create a beautiful and bold space.

The hotter shades of pink and teal bring a bigger effect. The pairing of these rich and bright tones can bring a neutral space to life, making the room more fun. This hot pink couch, for example, will go well with hot teal wall art, throw pillows, and other room accents.

Softer shades give the opposite vibe. The combination of cool teal and soft pink give a relaxing, whimsical, and easygoing space. The cool teal will usually ground the soft pink designs for a light and airy feel.

3. pink and gray

Pink goes very well with muted shades like gray, particularly the shades of gray that are neutral, calm, and smooth. This combination gives a comfortable and welcoming feel.

Homeowners and designers often choose the colour (or shade of) gray because it does not create much of an effect on it’s own. It’s a perfect colour to build upon.

If your space is predominantly white, adding pink pillows on your gray furniture will make the space more appealing. People coming into the room will want to sit down and get comfy.

A couple of pink pillows will instantly change the look and feel of the space without you having to make big and long-term changes.

In an overall gray bedroom, consider adding pink bedroom furniture and other gray pieces. Pink-patterned items will also do the job beautifully.


in summary

Pink is a bold choice when it comes to design and not everyone will go for it. But for the colour lovers among us, going with powerful pink interiors and a pink-inspired palette may be just what you need to inject more vibrancy into your home.

Pink is a happy and infectious colour. It can be soft or bold. But regardless of the shade you choose it’s sure to bring enjoyment and life into your space.

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