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cavalier king charles spaniels. best friends with these royal, loyal doggos of the world.

If you’re a chosen one and you have a cavalier king charles spaniel… You know it’s not so easy to leave them at home! Owners can’t get enough of their cavalier king charles spaniels - they're addictive. These doggos are very dependent on their humans, constantly asking for cuddles, affection, and pats on the back of their lush fur. And when we say very, we mean very dependent… like a little kid. Full Story
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Getting through COVID Pandemic with Pugs and Cuddles

Before we even knew it, we are welcoming the year 2021 in two months. This pandemic left us barely enjoying the things we fully fancy doing. Be it out and about with friends and family, leisurely indulging yourself during your ‘me’ time, or getting tired from your daily grind at work. Even getting riled up with people in general. Ironically funny but true in some ways, don't you think? We all miss and crave the full enjoyment of just being outside.

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