Getting through COVID Pandemic with Pugs and Cuddles

Before we even knew it, we are welcoming the year 2021 in two months. This pandemic left us barely enjoying the things we fully fancy doing. Be it out and about with friends and family, leisurely indulging yourself during your ‘me’ time, or getting tired from your daily grind at work. Even getting riled up with people in general. Ironically funny but true in some ways, don't you think? We all miss and crave the full enjoyment of just being outside.

Being outside your home in times like this poses high risk and it’s the last thing we want. If anything, we all want to end 2020 with a light and happy heart despite and inspite of everything that is happening.

Best companion during this challenging time? Nothing and no one else but our natural cuddler, Pugs!

This small, square bodied with absurdly large and wrinkly heads, eye bulging cute dopey expression Pugs, are popularly known to be human lap dogs. They are cognitively wired to be in close proximity to their immediate family- yes, that’s you!

Just the mere thought of tucking yourself under covers, nestled inside the comfort of your home with the sweet and affectionate pug by your side already feels relaxing. Pugs love to follow you around and everywhere and they especially  enjoy crawling under your sheets. Ambient Lounge’s Pet Beds have detachable faux fur covers which you can put on top of your bed, place it on the part where your pug loves to lay and be next to you. Since pugs enjoy the feeling of being close to you, your pet will surely love it when you place their comfy Ambient Lounge’s Pet Bed at the side or at the foot of your bed.

Why cuddling with your pug in this time of COVID pandemic is helpful?

At the height of lockdown, researchers found out that there is a significant jump in depression rates globally. Although younger adults, women, and people with financial issues are more susceptible, no one is really exempted when it comes to stress, anxiety, and worst depression, that this pandemic has brought and is bringing us.

Good thing pugs and cuddles lowers the risk of stress and anxiety! Did you know that cuddling and snuggling with pugs īncreases the level of oxytocin, or the love hormones, in our body? Absolutely and scientifically affirmative! It consequently lowers down our cortisol or stress hormones, beating away depression and anxiety. Pugs need cuddles as much as we humans do.

One more thing pugs love is massages. All dogs do but pugs especially love it when you give them one. Giving them massage while laying on their soft and cozy pet bed from Ambient Lounge improves their blood circulation but most importantly strengthens your bond.

Getting through this pandemic may be hard but if you have someone, or a loving cuddler pug beside you, the hard times shouldn’t be the bad times.

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