How French Bulldogs became UK’s Best Companion Dogs

A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than you love yourself, says Josh Billings, a famous humorist in the 19th century. Certainly, the late author and lecturer does not simply imply hilarity but spoke only of truth about our favorite family extension. Does Josh Billings think of  French Bulldogs or Frenchies as they are widely known, while writing it? Who knows? He might be talking about dogs in general but we can all agree that the statement best descrībes our little friends, Frenchies!

What makes Frenchies the best companion dogs?

Aside from the fact that this dog is alert and affectiōnate, Frenchies thrive for human contact. In fact, they demand for it! One of few fascinating facts about them is that they tend to get jealous as they may compete for your attention with other family members. Now, a little bit too clingy right there, huh? But don’t worry, Frenchies are sociable and sweet and are able to be happy in any housing. They are a quiet breed of dog as they don’t tend to be excessive barkers, which makes them exceptional flat dogs.

Have you heard of Bugsy, our famous Frenchie?

Back in 2009, in Twycross Zoo in England, a baby orangutan was abandoned by its mother. Like humans, it can be pretty devastating for orangutans to be separated from their mother during their infancy stage.Luckily, Malone, the baby orangutan, found a very unlikely foster parent in Bugsy. How peculiar and cute a pair they are! We’ve seen dogs fostering kittens but never a Frenchie to an orangutan! This only proves how Frenchies are a warm-hearted and loving breed of dog.

Having them around may require most of your attention especially when it comes to their health. Although Frenchies do not need a lot of exercise and a 15-minute daily walk would suffice, a call for keen attention to their food and diet is there to keep them in their right weight as their lax personality makes them prone to obesity. Also, watch out for places with bodies of water as our tiny friend does not have the skill in surviving the water. That’s right! Frenchies lack skills in the swimming department due to their small physique.

Keeping our Frenchies’ area clean may require a lot of effort since they are prone to drooling, flatulence, and some shedding. Good thing Ambient Lounge provides ease of maintenance with their Pet Beds. It’s washable and easy to clean.Convenience is not only given to dogs but to pet owners, too!

One outstanding feature of Ambient Lounge’s Pet Beds is that they are waterproof. Perfect for our Frenchies who cannot handle heat very well and needs to be closely monitored during hot days. Its faux fur cover is detachable. Pet owners may opt to place ice in between fur cover and outer base to keep your dog cool. Sounds like a worthy investment for our dogs, right?

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