Labrador Retrievers, our PAW-rfect Family Friend in Wagging Tails

A home is never lonely where a loving dog awaits. Aside from the fact that pet-keeping is an intrinsic part of human nature, who can even resist those puppy eyes from affectionate, loving dogs? Of course, we can’t!

Overtime, more and more people are having dogs as their pet. The human-animal relationship goes beyond owner-pet bond. These pawrfect creatures become part of our family fur real!

Labrador Retrievers are one of those who tops the list of PAW-rfect Family Pets. Even non-dog people can recognize one. They are muscular and athletic that is build for sport or working dogs but Labrador’s sweet nature makes them an excellent pet, too. They are obedient and loving! They are irresistibly cute with their flat coats, often in black, yellow, or chocolate color.

People who aren’t fond of dogs usually scare away from Labs as they have big physique that makes them intimidating. They are strong dogs and need obedience training at an early age. Fret not, Labs are friendly with everyone, especially with strangers!  

Did you know that having them around does not only fill our hearts but they actually make it stronger? Yes! Labradors are very affectionate that they lessen stress and lower anxiety and blood pressure consequently. This fur-endly canine pet is patient in nature which makes them an ideal home buddy especially to kids!

Not only they are good for our hearts, they are good for our body, too!

Labradors need two hours of exercise a day to be physically and mentally fit. Imagine walking around the neighborhood with your Lab everyday for two hours. You keep them healthy while keeping your body in shape, too. Yup. Hitting two birds with one stone. How awesome is that?

Keeping their coat in tip-top condition is no sweat! Labradors are low-maintenance dogs and their grooming is simple! Just a weekly brush will do the work. Keeping them well-groomed is one way of showing that we love them as much as they love us. Also, letting them get their daily-needed 12 hours (or more) of sleep probably is the best I love you in the dog language.

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