10 Helpful Tips For First-Time Dog Owners

If you’re reading this, congratulations on adopting your very first furbaby!

Being a dog owner is one of the best feelings in the world. One of the scientific benefits of owning a dog is that they keep their hooman happy and vice versa. See? It’s a win-win situation.

Although being a dog owner means having responsibilities just like a normal parent but NEVER FEAR, we’ve got you covered. We will be giving you the do’s and don’ts as a first-time dog owner.


    1. First off, do not mistreat your puppy by shouting, hitting, or jerking on your puppy's leash. This may traumatize your puppy or may trigger violent behaviour. It is expected that a puppy may be unruly and naughty but with patience and training your dog will be able to learn good manners. Make sure to reward them with a treat if they are being a good boy/girl.
    2. You should never ignore the fact that your dog should be spayed or neutered especially if you do not have any plans on breeding them. There are a lot of homeless dogs in the world and the rescue shelters as well as the system cannot solve it on their own. Be a responsible pawrent and have your dog spayed or neutered when they reach the right age.
    3. Not fulfilling your dog’s needs for exercise, discipline, and affection. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to let your dogs out for a walk, train them to behave indoors and outdoors, and give them affection every day. 
    4. Not bringing your dog to the veterinarian is another thing that you should never do. Failing to do this and missing your dog’s vaccination will create a more serious health problem because they will be able to catch different diseases.
    5. Abandoning or surrendering your dog. This is the most important thing that you should NOT do as a dog parent. Not only will it break your pet’s heart but this also makes one a bad pawrent.


1. Research on how to take care of a dog. If you’re reading this, congratulations as you are already a step closer. Make sure that the dog breed you’re adopting fits your lifestyle. This means that getting a dog breed that requires a lot of time in terms of grooming, walks, training and exercise even if you are barely home is the wrong way to go. Visit a dog shelter or a responsible breeder that can guide you or at least help you as you get your first dog.

Take the time to really learn about your dog’s breed. Can the dog breed tolerate cold or hot weather? Does the dog breed tend to chew on random things like tables and dog beds? Does the dog require heavy or minimal grooming? Things like this should be able to guide you when picking out a dog breed or even taking care of a dog that you already have with you at home.

2. Choose the right food. After talking to an expert, the next step is to look for the best food and the one that fits your budget as well as the right diet for your puppy so they can grow up healthy.

Different dog breeds mean differnt feeding and nutrition requirement. For instance, you won’t be feeding big and active labrador retriever the same food type and amount that you give to a senior chihuahua. When it comes to your dog’s nutrition, it is best to do your research, read books and online articles and also to ask your veterinarian.

3. Find the right veterinarian. This brings us to the third thing on our list which is choosing your veterinarian. Just like a human, a puppy or a dog will also need their vaccines to protect them from diseases. It’s also crucial that you choose a veterinarian that offers professional grooming and that is near you so that you can bring them anytime you need to bring your dog.

4. Prepare your house. It is important to assign a place where your dog will sleep, eat, bathe and run around. Make sure that they will not be able to enter a place wherein they can reach chemical products that are harmful to their health. 

Once you welcome a dog into your new home, remember the phrase “mi casa es su casa”. Translated, this means “my home is your home”. When a dog becomes a part of your family, he/she will start to treat that as his/her home too. This is a good thing but be sure to dog-proof your home and to prepare the people in the household as well.

5. Buy dog supplies. Another important thing for your dog is the supplies they’ll be using like dog food and water bowls. Choose the right leash, harness, and crate based on their size. Last but not the least, you should invest in a good dog bed. Select the right pet bed size for your dog and make sure that their bed will make them feel comfortable during the winter and summer. Nowadays, with the weather conditions together with your dog’s activities, a waterproof dog bed is the best for your dog together with a cooling mat.

You can also buy your dog a play ball that they can play with indoors and outdoors.

Sure, you can’t design your home for your dog, but what you can do is to get a luxury dog bed that is soft, durable and comfortable for your dog to sleep and relax on. This way, you provide your dog a space of his/her own and you also save on having to buy several dog beds because it gets chewed or ruined.

Ambient lounge dog beds come in a variety of sizes for different dog breeds, different colours, interchangeable covers and a waterproof and chew-resistant base. What else is there to ask?

Unsure of what dog bed to get? Connect with us at @ambientlounge on social media or chat with us live on our website. 


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