How to Help Your Dog Adjust to His New Dog Bed

“To have your own space”-now who would not want that? Even our furbabies need it too. 

“To have your own space”-now who would not want that? Even our furbabies need it too. Not only do they learn where they can stay and chill but also to know the concept of boundaries— your bed is yours and his/her bed is his/hers (but don’t count on that too much). It is not totally wrong to share your bed with your dog, but having a designated space or a dog bed UK for him/her would not hurt. This becomes a private place that your dog goes to whenever he/she feels like being on his or her own. All dogs love being with their pack, canine or hoomans but of course, they also enjoy their own space and time every now and then.

Dog owners normally buy dog beds once they get a dog, but the thing is, sometimes our sweet doggos just insist on using the couch or your own bed. What is the point of having a luxurious new dog bed if they would not use them, right? To solve this problem, here are some tips you can do to help your dog sleep on his/her new luxury dog bed.

Find the “right one”

The first thing you should think about what comfort the new dog bed UK offers to your dog. Whatever you try to do, when you buy a dog bed in UK that is uncomfortable, they will never stay on it.

A dog bed is an investment. If you pick out the first dog bed that you see, don’t look for special features like being waterproof and easy-to-clean. Don’t also expect that your dog will even give it a chance of surviving for a few months, or better yet-a few weeks.

You wouldn’t want to buy one several times a year because of its cheap quality, right? The best solution to this is to find the right dog bed with the right features. Click here to check out a waterproof and chew resistant dog bed.

Your priority is to make them feel comfortable to prevent joint and muscle pains especially for older dogs. We just want the best for them, so we should never settle for cheap dog beds. Know what you are looking for in a dog bed and closely analyze if that dog bed is the one for you!

Training and positive reinforcement

When you introduce a new dog bed to your dog, it is important that you make him/her understand that this is a dog bed that he/she will be sleeping in. This is a safe space that he/she can go to anytime. If your dog does not get that the first time you bring a new dog bed UK home, training and some positive reinforcement is best to be done. 

When you start to familiarize your dog with their dog bed, you have to teach them what the purpose of his bed is. You can command your dog by using the word “down” or “lie down” and give your pooch a treat every time he follows the command. It is not going to be easy and it needs a lot of patience but for your dog, it will always be worth it.

Be consistent

“I have tried to teach my dog but he never learned!”. Practice makes perfect. Don’t expect your dog to love the dog bed the minute it arrives home. Sometimes we get too impatient and we just want them to easily pick up what we want them to do. The thing is, it doesn’t always work that way.

Consistency when introducing a new dog bed to your dog means making him/her sleep there when it is time for bed every single night. Allowing your dog to sleep on your bed when he/she begs or looks at you all cute and adorable will not help. This will not teach your dog what you want him/her to learn.

If you want your dog to sleep in your room, place his bed next to yours, but don't let them jump into your bed. We understand you, it is really hard to resist their cuteness but it will be good for them in the long run. They will have their own safe space where they can relax and be comfortable— especially when you are not around.

Put toys on his dog bed

To introduce and get your dog used to their bed, you can place their toys on it. By doing this, you are already teaching them that it is their own space where they can sleep and of course play. 

When dogs play with their toys, one common thing that they do is to grab the toy by their mouth and bring it somewhere where they can chew the toy. By adding toys to the new dog bed UK, there is a higher chance that your dog will see his/her stuff on the bed, and climb on to play with them.

However, things can get rough when your dog is having too much fun. This is when a chew resistant dog bed becomes helpful!

Trick and treat your dog!
It may sound as if you are fooling your dog, but one thing that you can try out when introducing a new dog bed UK is putting some treats under the covers of the dog bed. Grab your dog’s favourite treat and allow him/her to sniff it on the dog bed.

The saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”-who says that doesn’t work on dogs too? 

Let’s wrap it up!

Its not always instant that a dog will fall in love with every thing that you buy for him/her-specially if it is a dog bed.

Remember, one of the first things that a dog does when encountering anything new, may it be a toy, environment, or dog bed UK, is sniffing. If it smells unfamiliar, he/she won’t jump on it instantly. Dog beds, like any other item that you buy, might have been stored in a warehouse somewhere or have spent time in a factory. When it gets delivered to you, don’t expect it to smell like fresh cotton or crisp linen.

Bonus tip: air out your dog bed or use linen spray that is familiar to your dog. This can be the scent you use for your home or maybe your own perfume. This way-it will smell less of a “foreign item” and more like home.

Got an ambient lounge® dog bed but your dog won’t stay on it? Try taking out some of the bean filling out to allow your dog to sink a little bit into the bed.

Still not sure about what to do with your dog and his/her new dog bed? Send us an email at and we’d love to help you out!

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