How to Maintain Bean Bags from ambient lounge®

Bean bag loungers and bean bag chairs are some of the most popular additions to homes, schools, classrooms, workspaces, and even hotels and coffee shops.

Bean bags originally were simply sewn fabric that made the covers. These covers can be filled with different types of bean filling in order to take shape. Over time, the world of bean bag chairs and bean bag loungers transformed and elevated. Luxury loungers, waterproof bean bags and structured bean bags have now come into the picture and we couldn’t be any happier.

You can now get your hands on quality luxury bean bags from ambient lounge® and not worry about the lack of structure, comfort and style! The question is, how do you maintain bean bags to make sure that they will look fabulous even after years of having them at home?

Cleaning and Disinfecting
Maintaining our bean bags means making sure that it is free from stains, dust, and moisture that can lead to bacteria build-up. To maintain the cleanliness of your luxury bean bags, it is importantl that you keep them dry or should any accidents happen, like spilling of food or drinks, immediately wipe them off with a clean damp cloth.

Upon purchasing a bean bag lounger, check for cleaning and care instructions. See if your bean bag chair can be unfilled and the covered can be washed using a machine or by hand. On this note, this is where waterproof bean bags become all the more practical.

With a waterproof bean bag, cleaning becomes so much easier. A waterproof bean bag lounger from ambient lounge® can easily be wiped, scrubbed or hosed off-much like how you wash a car. So if you’re thinking of throwing a party and you have some ambient lounge® waterproof bean bags at home, you don’t have to worry about the night getting too much fun.

We are in the midst of different diseases over which we have no control. Because of this, sanitising and disinfecting have already become the ways to avoid the spread of viruses. With hygienic bean bags that can be washed or easily sprayed because they are waterproof, disinfecting becomes a walk in the park.

Top Ups and Filling
Bean bag chairs are usually filled with EPS bean bag filling or expanded polystyrene also known as styrofoam. This is probably one of the most important things people need to understand before buying any bean bag furniture, beans sag and compress over time.

When you get a luxury bean bag from ambient lounge®, know that we use high-quality, premium bean bag filling that is comparatively smaller than the usual filling. This means it takes a while longer to compress compared to other EPS bean bag filling. However, even if the bean bag filling is of the highest quality, it is inevitable that the filling will compress. Therefore, it is very much normal that eventually, you will need to top up or add in some more bean bag filling to your bean bags for it to maintain their structure.

Pro Tip: To prolong the need for you to top up, you can look into the option of having your bean bags filled with a mix of foam and EPS beans. The foam acts as a barrier between beans that lessens the pressure altogether. 

Precautions and Safety
You have to remember that structured bean bags by ambient lounge® or any other brand is made out of fabric. Even if your bean bags are top of the line and one of the most high-quality bean bag loungers out there, they can still be ripped, poked or burned.

Luxury bean bags by ambient lounge® has a level of fire retardancy but this does not mean that they will not get burned in case of any fire emergencies. When finding a place for your bean bags at home, take note of the following:

  1. Keep your ambient lounge® bean bags away from sharp objects that can poke the fabric. 
  2. Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter if you wish to use your luxury bean bags by a bonfire or the fireplace. 
  3. When washing or cleaning your luxury bean bags, avoid using bleach that can damage the fabric’s quality and colour. 

Structured bean bags are beautiful additions to anyone’s home. Not only are they a dream to sit out, but they also come in unique styles that make them all the more special. However, every luxury bean bag owner must remember that bean bags require care and maintenance. When the filling becomes compressed, simply order a top-up from your trusted sources. Check out ambient lounge indoor bean bags and outdoor bean bags from ambient lounge®. Need a top-up? Choose the bean bag filling that you need!

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