Need quick visual Inspiration ? Join @ambientlounge on Instagram

Nothing like a quick flick through our pictures to tell a thousand words ...

Hey all UK interior designers, fans of contemporary spaces and lovers of beautiful things in general.

If you're like us, you don't have a lot of time. When sifting through products in your e-shopping you need to quickly skim over the fine print and pretty much like to look at the big pictures when making choices of product. Google searches can be a nightmare of waffle, google image search even more irrelevant when you are looking for quality and not quantity.

With UK bean bag furniture, sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a product in a setting or with a person immersed in it by just looking at a flat product picture. So don't!

We have the solution for you to view our range, feel and personality in an instant. Cast your UK designer eye over our Instagram account for a quick-fire visual reference and bean bag interior and outdoor contempo candy.

We don't make rubbish quality bean bags. We are real furniture. When choosing your designer bean bag - you can rest assured of the Ambient Lounge brand's worldwide presence and stature. The proof is in the pictures. We are the pioneers of the designer bean bag and we have the most premium fabrics and internal structures on the planet. Don't just believe our words... take a long hard look. We'd love to have you join our Instagram family. If you like lounging, beautiful surrounds and objects of beauty, it's recommended.

Seeya there!

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