Where do the UK's biggest DJ's & musos chill after a night of clubbin?

DJ Fresh leads the cool chorus. London Recovery partys never felt so good ...

After dishin' out some big energy & deep sounds all night in London, Glasgow, Sheffield or Birmingham clubs all night UK DJ's need to unwind.

They play their heart out and give their all night after night. Time to get a big of chill time back!

That's why they get hold of an Ambient Lounge or two. It's a slice of Ibiza afterparty in their own home.

Check out our man DJ Fresh for instance ..the producer that bought us "Louder" and "Hot right Now" is killin' it and loves his new Conversion Lounger bean bags.

Not to be outdone... english Rapper Lunar C (and his dawggg) joined the Ambient Lounge party ..

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