Avatar's and Satellite Sofa's are coming .....

Get ready for some serious lounging. You ain't sat on nothing till you sat on one of these!

Hi all UK Home Cinema lovers - we are sorry that our initial introductory stocks of the new unique Gold Class Avatar Home Cinema Sofa sold out quicker than we anticipated, at the moment we only have limited stocks in a few colours available within UK ... however the good news is that we will be back in stock of all Avatar colours in a few weeks. (mid September 2014) however these new stocks in some fabrics will not be in large qtys. For those that would like to reserve their Avatar stocks and delivery, please fee free to give our UK office a call on 0844 8700 186.

Pictured below is the beautiful Avatar in Blue Jazz.


The new Satellite Twin Sofa is an uber sized quilted outdoor/indoor bean bags that is a cloud of comfort for your contemporary living space. Unfortunately in the UK we have also been a bit short on supply of these big beautiful bean bags. The will all change come mid September 2014 also with the fabrics Azzuri blue, Carefree Grey (new), Rainforest Retreat, Yacht Club Cream (pictured below), Deep Atlantic and Rising Sun all coming into stock. They are not just for spring & summer.. the Satellite Twin is great for large kids rumpus rooms, games rooms, balconies or big living rooms where luxurious comfort is the priority. Once you are immersed in one of these bean bags, it's pretty hard to coax you out of them... in fact, they are very "sleepable" if guests need to crash somewhere too.

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