How cool Office Break Out areas can improve work productivity & earn you money.

It's funny how a little feel-good space in the office can reap big rewards with happy and productive staff ..

Attention UK Company Directors and Office Managers 

The trick to office productivity is to get more quality work done in fewer hours. Business owners, Managers and employees alike have been searching for the magical answer to this question. The truth is that there is no one answer and that people and circumstances are different. Happy employees are normally good employees. A harmonious office promotes great teamwork and work environment that produces results.
Business chill out area and bean bags
For many of us the workplace is stale and same-same. It’s de-motivating. So how do you get this fresh, shiny, happy workplace? For business owners here’s one tip that works. Help both attract and retain your talent with cool office and breakout design. Create separate areas where employees can escape from their daily grind and free their mind (even if it is just for a 15 minute coffee break). Add color to the work landscape. Create brainstorming areas where team leadership or workplace ideas are encouraged. Break the hardness of desks and walls with the softness of designer bean bag décor. Mix it up at work. Add Ambient Lounge bean bags and versa tables, a quality coffee machine, mood music areas and a few entertainment gadgets. Make sure this area is sufficiently separated from people’s normal working areas so it is a reward or retreat area. 
Don’t know how to create such a cool area yourself? Not a designer and can’t afford one? Don’t worry - Let us help … it’s surprisingly affordable and …believe us… will be a substantial return on investment at minimal risk. We can offer up a color scheme and suitable designer bean bag design based around your photos and area specifications. Ambient Lounge do this worldwide and have done so for companies the likes of Yahoo (USA & Australia), Samsung (Korea), Nissan (Australia & Singapore) & Singtel (Singapore). In the UK we have set up areas for the likes of Red Bull, London Metro Magazine and O2 communications. However, no business is too small – we love the challenge of boutique businesses, small office spaces and exterior lunch areas. It’s our thing.
Here are a few handy tips to improve your UK office productivity.
  1. Expose your natural light. It’s pure psychology and scientifically proven. Natural light enhances positive energy and LED lights can slowly drag you down in mood. Open up ceilings and walls… open the blinds.. Let the light shine in.
  2. De-clutter. Keep your office space open. Get rid of useless files, old samples, impractical or outdated décor etc. and let your office breathe extra life.
  3. Emphasize office Comforts. Just like we talked about above, employees need to feel good about their workplace. Get good chairs for working and rest areas. That means quality desk chairs and Ambient Lounge bean bags for the break out spaces.
  4. Mood music and muffling of  external white noise. Know your employees personalities and let them set the tone for music and mood. Break out loud traffic noise by double gazing or insulation and add friendly atmosphere music (not too loud or distracting) to help them feel good. 
  5. Use Colour, inspiration and design. You cant expect your employees to feel good if what’s around them looks drab and dreary. We’ve all walked into those offices that look like a throwback to the 1970’s or a cookie cutter stereotype design. Get outside the box … add color and inspiration and design elements. Show them by design that you expect quality. Subliminally, that just might inspire your employees to give you back the same.

 Business Breakout areas are great with bean bag furniture


PS: Don't forget to utilize your Outdoor Spaces too - make city coffee breaks and lunchtimes a chance to free the mind with our outdoor bean bags ...

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