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Ambient Lounge's World Best Home Cinema Bean Bag coming soon to UK.

As our lifestyles within the UK change, so should our furniture. Yes be greedy ... you can have comfort + style ..

As our lifestyles within the UK change, so should our furniture.

Living rooms should evolve to suit our changing needs, living conditions, feelings and function.

In 2014 we English are gadget crazy. This is the era of Home Cinema, Big Screen Gaming and (pretty soon) internet TV.  

In 2015 we wont be doing so much of the traditional stuff like going out to Cinemas, reading touchy-feely newspapers and magazines or even going out to the pub as much to watch our favourite team play.

Whether we like it or not - It's all here in our living rooms at the touch of a button. Convenient and commercial quality. We can build it how we want it at a fraction of the price of the past.

Big, High resolution screen, thunderous surround Dolby sounds with bass, 3 D vision, changing angles, multi lingual options, backlighting. Everything you could want from an audio visual perspective.

We spend thousands to get our Main Home Cinema living space right so it's up close and very personal ... so you should ask yourself, why are you still sitting on that hard, uncomfortable sofa? That's old school now. Talk about not putting the cherry on top of the perfect cake?

It's time to have a furniture re-think and it wont cost you much. Designer bean bags by @ambientlounge offer Gold Class comforts. None more so than the new release Avatar Sofa which is due in the UK in July 2014.

It's the ultimate Home Cinema luxury.

Sitting is believing! From £199 it's a small investment as a jewel in your home cinema crown. For more on the release info call us on 


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