When choosing your kids bean bags its important to consider your kids lifestyle, your home balance and what practical functionality you will need with kids bean bag furniture.

The choices of kids bean bags in the UK are vast - two we have helped cut through the noise with 5 super-high quality choices of kids bean bags. Whether shopping for a kids Christmas present or your kids birthday present, you won’t go wrong with any of these 5 classy kids bean bags.


The Space Pod is the ultimate kids bean bag and our editor’s number one pick - it’s almost impossible for any kid who sits in one not to love it! …. With two layers of Lycra and super-comfy microbeads it simply moulds to a kid’s body and feels like a bit supportive cloud when they jump in. Also don’t be fooled by its size, it’s big enough even for big kids or even adults because it expands around you when you sit inside it. This beautiful bean bag is perfect for either boys bedrooms or girls bedroom furniture.

The biggest reason why this is our favourite kids bean bag is because its fun furniture. Kids of all ages just adore jumping all over it and falling back inside this designer bean bag. It’s super soft and therefore ultra safe. But don’t worry mum this bean bag isn’t a blob - it also holds its pod-like shape and looks beautiful in any room - and that includes the living room or cinema room.

2. BEST KIDS BEAN BAG CHAIR - EVOLUTION SOFA (interiors & outdoors)

If you’re looking for a compact, quality bean bag chair for your little man or little girl’s bedroom … look no further than the Evolution Sofa by ambient lounge; in either premium interior or easy-clean outdoor fabrics. The Evolution bean bag allows kids too sit up straight and read a book or study on their iPad or laptop, maintaining their posture & attention. Fantastic in small apartment spaces and challenging size rooms, the Evolution is also lightweight and can be moved easily around the house (even by your kids). Don’t be surprised if they drag their favourite bean bag chair from bedroom to study or family room .. it’s just a sign of true love.


Don’t be put off by the price tag - this is the world’s most sophisticated bean bag with an elastic structure & high end fabrics that will last kids and adults a lifetime of relaxation. The big seated area is like a cocoon of comfort for your kids who will jump up and never wanna leave until it’s dinner time. The biggest fight might be over who gets to sit in the sofa, and if its in the living room get set for a musical chairs-style rush as it’s likely to be more of a favorite than the couch. This high seated, structured bean bag chair is easy to get in and out of and perfect for study, reading or relaxation.


If your kids love to sit closer to the ground and sprawl out in front of the TV, then the acoustic sofa bean bag is a living room favorite. Designed to be big and comfy enough for adults, its also a big favorite for kids due to the low structure and controlled rocking motion of the nautilus-like shape. Structured with elastic & quilted.


When you have 2 or more kids running amok outside on the decking, garden or poolside - then a giant kids bean bag is the perfect outdoor furniture choice in UK. The Satellite Twin is a gigantic 2-seater bean bag by ambient lounge that will sure to please your kids who love the feeling of a huge waterproof cloud-like bean bag to jump into outside. You might hear them happily laughing & playing outside on this bean bag for hours with their siblings or friends. You also don’t have to worry if they are muddy or wet or eating ice cream that drips all over it - because the premium solution-dyed fabric is easily wiped and washed (just like washing a car). You can also leave the XL kids bean bags outside in any weather with confidence. The perfect low-maintenance kids bean bags that will bring them years of enjoyment as they grow into young

If you want more information on UK's best kids bean bags, our UK crew of loving mums would love to discuss more about the benefits of quality kids bean bags with you!

Get our top-rated Ambient Lounge Space Pod kids bean bag here.

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