Going for a Black and White Home Interior: 3 Things to Help You Get Started

Here are a few things that you can consider and can help you when working on your black and white home.

Building and designing one’s home means more than just building a house. One’s home must speak of his or her own personality, give off positive yet specific energy and all in all be aesthetically pleasing. Some people prefer certain accents of colours, while a popular choice is also having a sleek black and white home interior. However, deciding to go on fully black and white can become tricky. You want to avoid making your home too dark with too much black or too white with too much white. Here are a few things that you can consider and can help you when working on your black and white home.

Wall Colours
If you do wish to keep your home black and white, make sure to be careful with your walls. A trick that you should remember is that white walls create the illusion of making a room look bigger than it actually is. The opposite would be using dark coloured walls such as shades of black. This would make your rooms smaller. However, you may also want to make your walls white but select an accent wall. To match your black and white theme, select a shade of black that complements the furniture that you have in mind.

Lighting and Illumination
White of course brightens up any room matched with the right type and style of lighting. For this some more technical things to consider would be wattage. You can have as many lights but without the proper measure of wattage, it would be counter-effective and will make brightening up a room even more difficult. While white is easier to match with lights, the right match of bulbs and lamps is far more needed for black shades of walls. For a black room or a black wall, the way to brighten it would be to use naturally coloured lights. Instead of using white lights, the better option would be to use warm white.

Furniture and Home Decor
The right style and colour of furniture are just one of the things that make a beautiful house. From the major ones like loungers, bean bag chairs, and tables to the lamps, carpets, throws and cushions, there are certain things to consider. To stay consistent with the black and white colour of your choice, ambient lounge created comfortable yet luxurious loungers. For a black and white home, ambient lounge couches, loungers and tables in the fabric of black sapphire, titanium weave, black rock, silverline or keystone grey would be the best choice. 

1. Butterfly Sofa
Enjoy your own personal space with a comfortable bean bag chair that feels like a million bucks! You’ve never seen or have sat on a bean bag chair as unique as this one. The butterfly lounger is one of the many best selling bean bag chairs that you can get from ambient lounge.

2. Twin Couch
If you’re looking for an indoor couch that seats two people, maybe for your bedroom or a small-spaced living room, having a twin couch from ambient lounge should work just fine. As a bonus, you would be happy to know that the twin couch can actually be unzipped and create two separate seats.

3. Avatar Lounger
Are you looking to literally sit back and relax? The avatar lounger from ambient lounge is a reclined bean bag chair that lets you enjoy your comfort from head to toe. This particular bean bag chair is popularly used as a home cinema seat as it also comes in its own twin version. Of course, you can always zip & unzip to enjoy according to your liking.

4. Modular Couches
There is no denying that the modular couches from ambient lounge make a unique addition to any home. This depicts lounging in its maximum capacity and exudes luxury at the first sight. There are several types of modulars to choose from but the incomparable is definitely the mod6 lounge max in black sapphire-now that’s what you call a grand black couch!

Final Thoughts
Those are just three of the major things to consider when styling and furnishing your black and white home. Of course, the decor per room varies especially by the function. We know how overwhelming it is to build a home and style it according to your personality and preference. Though, if you’ve decided on having a black and white home, feel free to use any of the suggestions above to help you out.

We’d love to see your new home decorated with ambient lounge! Tag us on Instagram @ambientlounge and let’s show off that gorgeous black and white home.


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