Choosing an Accent Chair for Your Living Room

If you are thinking of what else to do with your living room, consider choosing the right accent chair that makes a room more appealing, enjoyable and pleasing to look at.

Picking out the right furniture for your home is almost the same as choosing what to wear for the day. It comes in a variety of styles that can be matched to your liking.  Seating areas like modular furniture or bean bag chairs play a vital role in your home as it actually becomes the place for you, the family and friends to relax, bond, and begin to even occupy the space or room. However, it’s not just about having enough bean bag chairs for everybody or how soft your bean bag chairs or other sofas are. You will also need to consider style and aesthetics.  

If you are thinking of what else to do with your living room, consider choosing the right accent chair that makes a room more appealing, enjoyable and pleasing to look at. 

Adding a luxury bean bag chair in your living room in the right fabric, style, and colour brings out a whole new appearance and can also channel a fun and chic feeling to your home. 

If you want a posh home that also exudes warmth and comfort, luxury bean bag chairs are the way to go. There are various ways to leave a good impression to your guests through accent bean bag chairs. Here are three ways to help you in choosing the right one for your living room:


It’s a good thing to note that the style of your home says a lot about your personality or at least of the people that make up the household. When you start to plan out the interior design of your house or of your home, defining your style is one of the most important things to know. It serves as a guide in the overall design of the furniture and details of your living room. From the small details like carpets, home decor, to bigger things like wallpaper and living room seating and accent chairs. 

Every room should make you feel a certain way. In living rooms, it is important to display warmth and comfortable pieces in this space. As mentioned previously, luxury bean bag chairs channel a fun and chic feeling to your home. For instance, check out this fabulous piece that screams fun and uniqueness. It doesn’t matter if you have a neutral main couch or bean bag modular set, if you add one of this acoustic sofa by ambient lounge, your living room will instantly come to life and people are sure to remember you home for it!

If you are a fan of comfort, support, and quality, but want to be stylish, go with the Butterfly Sofa by ambient lounge. It is the perfect designer bean bag chair or seat to be placed in your living room. Not only does it come in various colours and fabrics, you can also match this with a versa table and an ottoman. Might as well complete the look right? 

This bean bag fan favourite can be the focal interest in your room with its astonishing cocoon-like design and eye-candy colours. Made and designed  with ambient lounge’s internal elastic system and durable hard-wearing fabric that has multi-layer aesthetic qualities and supreme tactility, combining the beautiful form with its comfort and functionality-anyone is sure to fall in love with this luxury bean bag chair. 


There is a reason why interior designers use mood boards in presenting the ideas that they create for their clients. Mood boards provide a glimpse of what their home could look like with the initial colours, style, home decor and other details. 

Assuming you are looking for sophistication, elegant textures, and functionality without sacrificing beauty, you can check out ambient lounge’s acoustic sofa as this brings out bold statements in your room while maintaining that clean and bright interior. 

The Acoustic Sofa by ambient lounge in a contemporary living room is spot-on. This extra wide seating bean bag feels as if you are chilling on your own personal soft shell of comfort. With its innovative internal elastic system, thick quilting, and special clam shape, this will give you a lot of room to spread out your arms and legs to relax. Not only that, its design adds a chic and stylish finish that can please anyone who walks in your living room.

Another thing is, if you feel like a beautiful accent chair bean bag like this should also be somewhere in your garden set up, you can now get the acoustic sofa by ambient lounge in Titanium Weave! The first outdoor Acoustic Sofa is now in ambient lounge’s most promising and beloved fabric yet. 

Cannot choose between clean and minimalist, and warm and cozy? No worries! You can have both with Ambient Lounge’s Avatar Lounger bean bag. 

This bean bag lounger will have you inviting your friends and family for a movie night or snuggling with your pet while watching your favourite Disney movie. With its shape and form, this sets the standards of a home cinema to a whole new level if ever you want to double your living room’s purpose!


So now you know what kind of accent chair to get for your living room. What’s the last step? Choosing the right fabric, style, and colour to match with the details of your living room. Keep in mind the perfect contrast between your walls and furniture. For instance, add a pop of colour to a neutral, white, and black colour scheme to brighten and create a lively atmosphere in your home.

For the final touches of your accent chair, throws, cushions and blankets are awesome to have around when you sit back and relax. Ambient Lounge’s luxury throws add extra warmth and texture when you are watching good TV with your family. 

Pairing this with the luxury cushions are a must-have in adding an extra layer of comfort and a wonderful opportunity to bring in a soft luxurious accent to your living room. 

With ambient lounge’s selection of indoor bean bag chairs, you can never run out of accent chair styles to choose from. After all, because most of the styles are so unique, an addition of this in any room makes a big difference.

There are plenty of choices to choose from-we know! To help you out, you can request a swatch or two or simply drop by our showroom in Nottingham!

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