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Gymshark integrates ambient lounge® lifestyle zones in their UK & Hong Kong offices. Work, Rest, Play & Train.

What makes a great contemporary office breakout space? ... Office interior designers need to nail breakout zones as these spaces are often the lynchpin of great office design, binding a company's personality & balance. It's a million dollar question that should be achievable on a moderate budget with some creative thinking and design. Full Story
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At Peace in Greece - beautiful Boutique Athens Hotel creates an ambient lounge sunset

A boutique lifestyle hotel in the center of Athens with a rooftop pool and sunset mediterranean dining looking out through clear skies to the Ackropolis... Sounds amazing right? Thats exactly what the wonderful St. George Lycabettus hotel delivers their happy guests; with an aspirational sensory experience that is breathtaking and spiritually rejuvenating. Full Story
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