Extremely soft and tactile on the surface and backed with TC to give it extra strength and body for hard wear and form. Super thick sofa weave to give you a lush seating experience. Suitable with shades of light grey, blacks, neutrals (whites)

40% viscose, 60% polyester, 560g/m with TC backing.


This fabric is made from interwoven fibres that combines two-tone light and darker purple/aubergine swirl with a deep purple undertone.

ambient lounge® Fabrics are chosen on their aesthetic beauty, tactility, function, durability & value, and are designed to work with the form of each sofa piece to compliment your contemporary & chic décor.

For simplicity of segmentation, we have divided the categories into Interiors™(for interior) and waterproof Elements™ (for outdoor/interior) use. Learn more about our fabric options here.

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