CoCo is a rescue dog. This is the heartwarming story of her journey of abandonment & suffering to the loving care of a Japanese family.

CoCo is a rescue dog. This is the heartwarming story of her journey of abandonment & suffering to the loving care of a Japanese family.

In March of 2007, it was still pretty cold in the night time. CoCo was left in a public park in Japan when she was about 3 months old.

She was rescued by Tomomi and her family and taken into their home.

Discovering Rescue Dogs:

Tomomi’s family had another dog for 13 years before they met CoCo; her name was Pero. Pero was Tomomi’s younger brother’s dog and the kids have been grown up with her. Pero had passed away 7 months earlier. They were missing to have a dog in their family, but also was not too sure if it was a right time or not, to have another dog.

One day, Tomomi was looking at online community message boards when they stumbled across a message topic of a rescue dog.

One story captured their attention: a young boy and his family found a lost puppy in a public park nearby, but they couldn’t keep the puppy - so they pleaded for someone kind to come and adopt the puppy.

The caring boy’s family had already taken the puppy to a vet for a checkup and the puppy was healthy so Tomomi contacted them to say they would come around and meet. Unsolicited the boy proclaimed that they called the puppy ‘Pero’ as a temporary name. That's the kind of coincidence that can give anyone goosebumps … it was fate that she would join the family. As Tomomi felt ‘Pero allowed us to welcome another dog to her family as a new member.’.

As soon as the rescued puppy saw Tomomi and her mother, the puppy ran to Tomomi with a happy smile, climbed up onto Tomomi’s knees; licking and sniffing curiously. The puppy’s legs were so thick, Tomomi thought, she was like a “baby lion” who will one day become a big adult dog.

(As Tomomi tells and believes the story, her grandfather kept telling “do not grow too big” to the puppy - so the dog only became medium-sized adult).

CoCo’s First Day with the new Family :

There were beaming smiles for their new family member and they took her home that night, straight after meeting. On the way home in the car, she was crying and shaking and got sick. Probably stressed from her past experience.

But when they arrived home, she was happy to see more people and started playing - looking very happy. Tomomi’s mother was cooking and holding a packet of milk. As soon as she saw the milk she sat down and did a handshake gesture. Cute!

She loved classical music when she was little. Surely she must had treated well by someone till she was left in the park. Poor thing. How had she come to being left alone?

The first night the puppy slept like a baby in a warm blanket with Tomomi; so peaceful and adorable. Her hair looked like the dark brown colour coat Cocoa. So, that night they named her CoCo.

In the morning she was up early, patiently waited for her new mum to wake up.

As soon as Tomomi’s eyes opened CoCo jumped on her to play… Dogs can be so uplifting.


CoCo was very cheeky growing up, sometimes nervous but very loveable and such a smart dog. She learned tricks quickly, listened and behaved very well... full of happiness.

However, after a year, Tomomi was away for 10 days in Switzerland. When she got back home the wallpaper entrance, where she stayed most of the time, was destroyed. Tomomi’s mum told her that CoCo cried every night: CoCo missed Tomomi so much. 

Gradually CoCo learned that the few family was always there for her and became more settled. She would barks at strangers only to warn that someone came; she would never bite. She became a very good guardian dog.


It’s always hard to leave your dog for travel or work.

Tomomi left Japan for 2 years and half to take a work position in Australia. CoCo could not understand why she was away such a long time, but by then was really well behaved with Tomomi’s brothers looking after her very well.

CoCo always greeted her with pure joy every time Tomomi would return.

After Tomomi came back from Australia, She started working for a Japanese company. Tomomi worked extremely hard and often had business trips.  Every time she would go on a business trip CoCo wouldn't eat much. Then when Tomomi got home CoCo would curl up with Tomomi for hours.

A few years later, Tomomi was struck with a serious illness, requiring surgery. She was very sick for a long time but CoCo was always there offering comfort and love.  Against all odds, Tomomi started to get better.  Tomomi still hasn't fully recovered but CoCo is always by Tomomi’s side giving her the love and support Tomomi now needs to continue the fight.

The rescue dog became the rescuer.


CoCo is now 12 years old, in human age 70. More than half of the day CoCo sleeps. She’s still happy and playful but her joints aren’t what they used to be...

Tomomi desperately wanted CoCo to have very comfortable and healthy sleep life. That’s now number one priority for the dog’s wellbeing.

She knew Ambient Lounge from her time in Australia. “It was time to reward her loyalty with one of these beautiful beds” – Tomomi thought.


CoCo was very interested in the ambient lounge bed from the moment Tomomi opened the box. “What’s this? …. Is it for me?” CoCo thought….. walking around it, sniffing and porking the bed by her noose, curious … but didn’t go on it immediately.

Sometimes it takes a while for a dog to realise their new ambient lounge bed is theirs. It’s normal. Once they know they are allowed on it – it’s heaven.

So CoCo steps on the ambient lounge bed ….

Once she tentatively hopped on with her old bones, she was wondering what the feeling of sinking was. She wasn’t sure initially where she should be on the bed. It was quite cute to watch for Tomomi.

Now she absolutely adores it!

You can see by the look on her face … she rests well and it takes a lot of the pressure off her joints. CoCo often woke up middle of the night before she got this bed, but now she doesn’t wake up as much as used be.  In the day she seems more active and happy…

CoCo’s bed is in Tomomi’s room in up stairs, sometimes after CoCo has finished her diner, she climb up the steps and waiting for Tomomi to open the door to sleep on the bed. If the door to the steps was closed CoCo waits near Tomomi and tries very hard to stay awake.

Tomomi and CoCo used to sleep next to each other a lot when she was a puppy but CoCo didn't like that once she became an adult. However, since they received the ambient lounge bed CoCo let Tomomi lie down beside her all the time. It’s large enough and comfy enough for both of them to sleep on.

Tomomi says ‘CoCo is a rescue dog but she helps us so much every single day, and the bed made us more time to be together with comfy.
We love CoCo as a member of our family.’

It’s a warm bond and relationship that is special. Health and wellbeing is important. Ambient Lounge® appreciated their beautiful story and journey together and thanks Tomomi and CoCo for sharing it with us.

For Tomomi… and CoCo … they couldn't be happier.



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