Calming Dog Beds for Anxious Dogs

Did you know that dogs also experience anxiety, stress & depression? That’s what calming dog beds are for.

Calming dog beds for anxious dogs are specially designed pet beds that are meant to help dogs feel relaxed and comfortable.

You can tell if your dog is anxious or stressed if there is persistent barking, specially when you aren’t home, shivering, shaking or even hiding under some places at home. If this is something that you have been observing with your favourite buddy, then a calming dog bed may be just the thing to solve it.

As mentioned, calming dogs beds are helpful for dogs who experience anxiety or stress that may be caused by several things. 

If you are looking for calming dog beds to provide your pet with warmth and comfort specially when you are away, check out these ambient lounge® calming pet beds.

All-time Favorite Calming Dog Beds

Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Calming Dog Bed

ambient lounge®’s Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Calming dog bed is designed to give your pet that snuggling feeling as they sink into the thick faux fur top cover.

It is a fact that dogs are calmer when resting on something that feels familiar, which is fur or hair.

Ambient lounge® luxury calming dog beds are made from high-quality, chew-resistant, and waterproof soft nylon that is bonded with rubberized backing. In addition to that, our designers spent research and time developing this calming dog bed to meet the standards of durability while still being breathable and comfortable.

The thick and luxurious faux fur will help your dog get some restl and keep him or her calm while you’re away. Plus, don’t worry! Our faux fur doesn’t come away that easily unlike other faux fur in the market. 

With the luxury dog bed by ambient lounge®, you don’t have to worry about how to maintain your dog’s calming bed. Simply hose of the base of the dog bed and pop the top cover in the washer. Give it a good spin, let it dry, and your dog can once again enjoy a clean and fresh calming dog bed.

Keep in mind that the calming dog beds by ambient lounge® comes in a selection of sizes that is absolutely perfect whether your dog is small, medium, large, or even giant sizes.

Giving your dog that extra luxury is always worth it. 

What should you do when you have an anxious dog?

Anxiety in dogs is as serious as anxiety in humans. If not addressed, it can have long term negative implications to your dog’s health and behaviour.

To address your dog’s anxiety, here are a few tips that you can take other than providing your dog with a calming dog bed.

    1. Daily Excercises and Physical Activities
      When your dog gets to develop and maintain a routine with you that involves physical activities, this can help them ease up and calm down during the day the same way that humans can reduce stress by exercising, mainly because of the endorphins being produced.

  • Physical Touch and lots of love
    Like humans, nothing feels better than warm hugs and kisses. Pets like dogs feel better when around you, all the more when being hugged by you-their favourite hooman in the world.
  • Music Therapy
  • Ever wondered why spotify has a number of playlists dedicated to dogs? This is because studies have found that your dog’s health can be promoted with music, the same way that music can also calm them down and help them sleep. 

  • Security Blankets and Toys
    Your dog feels safer and secure when they are with you. However, it’s not always possible to bring your furbaby with you, wherever you go.
    If you notice that your dog is anxious, try leaving a blanket that has your scent on it. Remember that dogs have one of the strongest sense of smell among the animal kingdom, and even humans. Having a trace of your scent would help a lot.

    Given all of those tips, we hope that you can help your dog find peace and calmness with your help.

    Feel free to get in touch with our ambient lounge® team to ask about calming dog beds and other dog accessories.

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