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Moving towards the year 2020 Office space and working styles are changing.
An aspirational office is now a focal point for employers to attract the best talent and retain them.
Downtime, free-thinking minutes and relaxation time for staff can be critical for productivity and creativity. The "coffee break" is no longer a crammed social experience around a kitchen sink. Well design breakout spaces are created for employees and better workplace wellness.
This includes elements of design and comfort. Ambient Lounge have been a centre-point of these breakout office spaces due to their comfort, lightweight flexibility and sheer beauty. The modern cliche of throwing bean bags into an office can be usurped by having soft furniture with real structure and design. Thats where ambient lounge bridges the style gap between traditional furniture and soft furniture.
Ambient Lounge are now the soft furniture choice of interior designer for office projects from Tokyo to Sydney, Singapore, Santiago, Buenes Airies to Moscow.
Dynamic UK companies such as Gymshark (the fast growing company in the UK) and CAD people have been shining examples of using ambient lounges in high end office environments to break up the hardness of office desks, computers and steel beams. 
The create a friendly and social vibe that employees crave. Gymshark employees are actually work on the ambient lounges - and freely do that for large chunks of the day.
For those companies and office designers (think We Work) who are interested to discuss ambient lounges within their space - please be in touch. Our architects can help create custom solutions for your needs. We'll make sure our furniture takes your space and client experience to the next level.
All of our products are available in 3D files for rendering pre-project. For more information please contact our project team Rachel Lunn, Sonal Mistry or Grant Morris on 07481893141.
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