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Roma Sofa - Royal Black

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*including polybead filling

You could imagine yourself in a Soho gallery or a Sydney harbour apartment when you sit in one of these chic and elegant Royal Black bean sofas.

The quality of the lush faux suede lightens the appearance of the 'blackness' to make this bean bag ideal to mix 'n match with most interior furnishing. The feature paneling is a strong statement of style as is the square finishing of the edges.

Not just for The Queen and definitely not for her Corgis, the Royal Black is an intoxicating blend of style and substance that will have you lounging in palatial comfort.


This ebony beauty's high-quality faux suede fabric is an alluring jet-black that will sit well in any interior setting. This bold black lounger evokes power and sophistication with delicate designer decadence. This deep black color looks great in suede and depending on how the light hits it, you will get a unique and stylish multi-tone black appearance that will have all your guests yearning for a seat in this throne of comfort.

  • Contoured Piping
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Lush Faux Suede
  • Matching Ottoman sold separately
  • Safety Locking YKK Zip
  • Side Pockets
  • Square Panel Stitching
Care & Fill

Filling a Roma Sofa is recommended with 300 litres of high quality beads (depending on personal comfort levels).

Rec. Filling Instructions: The Roma Sofa takes approx 300 litres of beans, but this may vary a little depending on the filling mix. The product needs to be filled to the point where the base should be quite giving and slightly baggy and the beans will push up into the back when you are seated to give you a very comfortable lounging experience.


Step 1. Open the filling compartment situated under the end of the beanbag cover (using a zip tool or paper clip)and pull out the Funnelweb tube from inside the product. Zip the Funnelweb bag of beans onto the tube and lift the bag of beans to allow the filling to run into the beanbag. As you do this, massage and pat the outside of the beanbag to ensure you work the beans into every corner.

Step 2. Leaving the Funnelweb Bag of beans still attached, test the seat by pushing down with your hands to make sure it will sink down considerably when one is sitting on it. You can then add or remove beans until the comfort level suits you, then unzip the Funnelweb Bag and zip closed the opening to the beanbag using the child-proof zipper. Set any remaining beans to one side, as these can be zipped closed and stored away for future topping up as your bean filling settles and compresses over time.

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