It’s Lounging Time: How To Pick The Best Bed Dog UK

What is the “right dog bed”?

Dogs are naturally energetic. They play, run, and sniff here and there. Although it is important that they have an active lifestyle, it is also necessary that they have enough sleep. Their sleeping space should offer them comfort and support. Just like humans, dogs can also have sleep disorders when they don't get enough sleep, and of course, as fur parents, we do not want that to happen. 

Dogs don’t usually have a  hard time falling asleep. In fact, it is one of their favourite things to do! Dogs sleep for more than 12 hours a day which makes having a good dog bed the UK will surely become the highlight of their doggy years. . Of course, when you see your precious pup having the time of his life sleeping and getting some sleep, you can expect that this doggo is happy & healthy. That is all that fur parents want, right?  So before buying one, here are a few things you might want to consider:


  • What is the “right dog bed”?

Have you already tried buying a pet bed and yet your pooch still sleeps on the floor? There are many cases where dogs still prefer to sleep on the floor after buying a bed because the dog bed is not comfortable. Since fur parents are the best people that understand their dogs, the pet bed size and its materials should be compatible with the pup's breed, age, coat, and size. Keep in mind that dogs have notable behaviours that lean on chewing, but it also depends on the breed. Make sure that when you buy a dog bed, you come prepared for the adventure that your dog will make.

  • What is the best bed size for your fur baby?

With your pet’s bed, size does matter. The right bed size for your dog varies depending on their age, size, and breed but as a rule of thumb, always measure 6-12 inches around your dogs’ body

If you have a large dog, then you might wanna get a large dog bed. That also applies to small breed dogs. No need to buy a massive bed if you can buy just the right wee-sized bed for your tiny dog. If you really want to be accurate and sure, try to measure their body to find the perfect size for them. 


  • What are your dog’s habits?

In choosing the best bed for your dog, it is important to consider not just their size, but also their personality. Is your dog a side sleeper? Or does your dog sleep like superman?  Dogs have different ways of sleeping but one thing is for sure, a circular or oval-shaped dog bed is the way to go. Now when it comes to habits, this is where things like “making a mess” come into play.

If your dog has the tendency to urinate on things at home, then a waterproof dog bed is your saviour! If your dog bed likes to treat everything like a chew-toy, then a chew-resistant dog bed is your BFF!

Since dogs are playful, we are all aware that they see everything as their toys. So buying the best quality pet bed is a MUST! To help you out, here are some features that you may want to look for before you buy another bed that will soon be gone in minutes.

Chew Resistant

  • Can you still remember how many socks and shoes your dog gnawed on? Dogs really test our patience when it comes to these things but we still love them to bits. That is why buying the best quality bed with a chew-resistant feature saves fur parents a lot of time and money versus having to buy a dog bed several times a month. 


  • Pets also need their daily dose of sunlight and outdoor adventure but sometimes they tend to have lazy days and just want to sleep outside. Worry no more about your pets and their beds! When their beds are waterproof, you are assured that in rain or shine, they will still give comfort to your baby pooch. Because it is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about keeping it far from liquids, dirt and mud. It’ll come right off! 

Interchangeable & Hygienic Covers

  • A removable and hygienic dog bed cover adds comfort to your dog’s bed, especially during chilly afternoons and cold nights or maybe during hot summer days when you switch the covers. With removable covers, it will be easier for your fur baby to move and sleep in any position while still being comfortable as ever. With the luxury feel that the dog bed actually offers, the fur parents might as well be jealous! 

Washable and easy to clean

  • I think we all agree that among the many things that dogs do, peeing or pooping in certain places is not anyone’s favourite.  Having an easy-to-clean and washable dog bed is not just for convenience but also for hygiene and good housekeeping. Knowing that fur parents are also busy, an easy-to-maintain pet bed is a great feature you might wanna have.

Breathable base 

  • Since our pets usually lie in their bed, we have to make sure that there’s air circulation. This will give a cooling effect, especially during the summer season, when there is a high risk of heart disease. Having the softest bed is one thing, but having one that keeps you comfortable and cool is a whole other level. 

If you want to have a dog bed with all these amazing features and you do not have any idea where to buy it, try to find your dog bed that will suit your dog best with ambient lounge® luxury pet beds.  

  • What if your Fur baby likes to sleep on the floor?

Some dogs seem to be comfortable on the floor and don't want to sleep on a  bed. In this case, a cooling mat might solve your problem. The ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat is a cooling mat that keeps your dogs comfortable even when just chilling on the floor. This is best for dogs during hot days which also aids pain, discomfort and stress on dogs.

Not sure which dog bed you should get for your dogs? Message us on social media @ambientlounge or call our showroom to get expert advice from our team.

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