6 Types of Bean Bags That You Can Use Indoors and Outdoors

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Other than being a place for us to live in, our home is also a way for us to present ourselves. How we design our home is based on things that say a lot about who we are, what we love doing and overall, our personalities. It is an extension of what we like and what we want. Studies show that when one finds his/herself in a beautifully designed space, chances are, you feel happier, comfortable and overall better! Some choose to add beautiful artwork hung on the wall while some pick out a luxurious bean bag that stands out!

Have you ever walked into a house where you instantly felt welcomed? Or maybe you walked into a house and just felt that you were meant to be living there? The things that make up a beautiful home are the colours that you choose, architecture, home decor and indoor and outdoor furniture. As homeowners, we do not just want furniture that look beautiful but also serves a specific purpose. Whether that is being 100% easy to clean or being lightweight, the point is, it cannot just be pretty but on the other hand, it also cannot just be all function. Simply put, it is best to get indoor and outdoor furniture that is both stylish and functional. 

Here are 5 Types of Bean Bags that you can get from ambient lounge® that are actually great to use both indoors and outdoors. The good thing about ambient lounge® bean bags is that you can pick outdoor furniture that is waterproof but still use it indoors. Check a few styles out and let us know if this is the indoor-outdoor bean bag for you! 

Indoor-Outdoor Bean Bag #1: The Avatar Lounger
If what you long for is an outdoor bean bag that lets you sit back and relax at the right angle, this indoor-outdoor bean bag is the one for you! Choose from a variety of colours from bright ones to your neutrals, we’ve got it!

Indoor-Outdoor Bean Bag #2: The Butterfly Sofa
Ahhh yes…who can forget about the famous ambient lounge® butterfly sofas? A structured bean bag that also comes in several types of fabric, in different colours, both for indoor and outdoor use. The butterfly sofa by ambient lounge® can also be matched with the rest of the designer sets. You can have the beautiful outdoor bean bag matched with a versa table and a twin ottoman. Can it get any better than that?

Indoor-Outdoor Bean Bag #3: The Satellite Twin Sofa
Have you ever thought of what it would feel like if you were able to sit on clouds? This may be the closest thing to that. Our Satellite Twin Sofa is meant for people who love having a big space for them to stretch or maybe curl up in after watching a good movie. With a selection of fabrics to choose from, you can surely find the perfect indoor-outdoor bean bag among the Satellite Twin Sofa colours to choose from.

Indoor-Outdoor Bean Bag #4: The Acoustic Sofa
Looking for something unique to add to your home? Check out the acoustic sofa by ambient lounge®. This chic bean bag chair just came out with the first outdoor variation-the acoustic sofa in titanium weave! Our up-and-coming fan favourite fabric meets one of the most stylish designs for a bean bag chair!

Indoor-Outdoor Bean Bag #5: The Modular Sofas & Couch
We’re in the era of innovation and achieving greatness! When you are picking out furniture for your new home, consider the lifestyle of the people that will be living with you. Will you be having a lot of guests over most of the time? Should you be making your furniture baby-proof and child-friendly? These are things to consider and when you decide to get a modular couch or sofa from ambient lounge®, you can choose from the different sizes and styles that our modular bean bags come in. The bean bag modular can be zipped together or unzipped to adjust and modify according to your space or however you want to place them at home. 

What’s so special about the ambient lounge® indoor outdoor bean bags?


  • Hygienic
    Unlike regular furniture, ambient lounge bean bags are hygienic and super easy to clean. Each bean bag is made with soft and solution-dyed fabric that allows it to be water-proof, therefore a breeze to maintain. Keeping everything clean nowadays, with all the health risks at bay, is a priority in every household. With a waterproof bean bag, sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning is no longer a difficult task. 
  • Weatherproof
    Outdoor bean bags by ambient lounge® is weatherproof for a reason: we don’t want your outdoor bean bags being ruined when it rains, snows or if it gets too hot outside. Another thing is, we know the struggle of how hard it can be to keep dragging outdoor furniture indoors when you no longer intend to use it for a while, or if you want to preserve it from harsh weather conditions.
  • Soft & Comfortable
    Even with all the functionalities that each ambient lounge® outdoor bean bag holds, we made sure that these outdoor furniture are bean bags that you find comfortable to sit on for hours! It can be difficult to find furniture that looks stylish and yet be able to serve functions like being weatherproof.

Did this help you?

Whether you will use it indoors or outdoors, there are different bean bag styles from ambient lounge® for you to choose from. With ambient lounge’s classy and luxurious bean bags, you will be able to feel luxury, functionality, and comfort all in one.

Shop your indoor-outdoor bean bags here or call us at +44(0) 844 579 1112 for any furniture or design inquiries. 

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