Animals Have Invaded Ambient Lounge

Weirdest animals that love our pet beds...

Step right up ladies and gents, it has come to our attention that dogs and cats aren’t the only fans of our luxury pet beds! That’s right, ambient lounge luxury and premium pet beds are loved by the entire animal kingdom!

It comes as no surprise that the luxurious dog beds and cat beds UK have become such a hit to other animals that walk this Earth. Do you even have to ask? Of course, everyone wants that soft and cosy bed for themselves. If you think that cats and dogs are the only ones who deserve a luxurious pet bed, guess again!

Let’s take a look at some of the other animals on the ambient lounge pet bed: 

Lizard, say what?!
Lizards have over 5,000 species roaming around. Some are kept as common house pets, and some simply just happen to be regular guests at home, while some species are just better off in the wild. Now, what does a lizard have to do with ambient lounge luxury furniture?

Who would have thought that a Lizard would one day decide that he needs more than what he is getting? Lizards normally like to rest and sleep on leaves or but not a luxury dog bed right?

If this lizard could talk, it will say this: “next time, create one for small reptiles like myself!”


Pygmy Goats, you for real?!
What is a pygmy goat you say? This breed of goats was originally called dwarf goats because they were comparatively smaller than your regular goats. 

We were rolling on the floor when we saw baby pygmy goats chilling on their very own luxury dog bed from ambient lounge. These pygmy goats are living the best life over at BullerRoo Luxury Farmstay!

You might even see them chilling on their own bed!


Guinea Pig who?!
We all know what a guinea pig is right? Fluffy creatures that belong to the rodent family, often running on a wheel or in a ball, but not chilling on a luxury ambient lounge pet bed.

Check out this guinea pig who getting the best sleep ever among all guinea pigs!

What’s to love about ambient lounge pet beds?

Luxury pet beds by ambient lounge are unlike any regular dog bed or cat bed in the market.

  • Chic and stylish-Ambient lounge pet beds have this presence that most pet beds do not. These pet beds come in three different colours for the base while you have over six choices for top covers.

    Choose between getting a faux fur top or our outdoor waterproof dog bed cover: ThermoQuilt.

  • Range of Sizes-You cannot deny the fact that our XXL dog bed is one of the biggest dog bed that you have ever seen. Of course, if we have XXL dog beds, we also have small, medium, and large dog beds.

    This range of sizes makes it more size and breed-friendly. Whether you are buying a dog bed for a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, trust that we have the right-sized dog bed for your dog.

  • Hygienic-As fur parents, one of the main things that you are particular about is the cleanliness of your home. This is not only for you,  but for your fur babies as well.

    Unlike regular pet beds that is made of regular foam or a different type of filling, ambient lounge hygienic pet beds are super easy to clean! Since the base is waterproof, simply wipe or hose off to clean. As for the removable tops, simply pop it in the washing machin and line dry. 

    Final thoughts for Pet Beds UK
    There you have it, random animals that just want their own ambient lounge pet beds. There are probably more reasons why these pets love our pet beds but we’ll leave it up to you to discover once you have yours.

    Don’t waste another minute! Choose the right colour and size for your pet and pick out the best dog bed or best cat bed in UK.

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