Shibuya in Tokyo Japan is seen as one of the most cutting edge style capitals of the world. It’s also smack bang in the centre of Tokyo – some of the most expensive real estate (per square meter) on the planet.




That’s why our huge Ambient Lounge chill out space in Tenoha is so unique and provides respite from the bustling pace of skyscrapers and neon signs. It’s proven to be a super popular Haven for Japanese hipsters and on most days you can probably do a little bit of celebrity spotting as they sit back on a Butterfly Sofa and sip a coffee amidst the wonderful urban garden setting.  

Featuring a café, designer shops, restaurant, shared office spaces and lots and lots of Ambient Lounge furniture - the traditional Japanese cushion culture takes on a contemporary feel in a warm, friendly and modern environment. 


Ambient Lounge Japan ( offer a premium level of service to their customers with white glove couriers who place the items within Japanese homes and offer interior advice on fabrics and décor. With minimalist furniture the tradition and space at a premium – ambient lounge designer bean bags have struck a chord with japan homeowners with a passion for premium  quality, tactility and attention to detail.

So if you’re stopping by Tokyo and need a travel break, stop by our Ambient Lounge Tenoha concept area and say hi. You’ll find us here 代官山町20-23 TENOHA代官山, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0034


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