Searching for Unique & Contemporary Café Furniture? Why Ambient Lounge® Bean Bags fit a boutique UK Café vibe

Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity. That’s big!

Suffice to say most adults love a good coffee and a good proportion of them love hanging out and relaxing in a good café

Café’s in general, regardless of where they are located globally share things in common. They harness coziness, warmth and familiarity – they are a place to relax and free your mind of the clutter of work and hand out one-on-one with friends and colleagues. (aka the vibe) Vibe is just as important as the coffee itself.  So no matter now funky your tattoed barista guy is or chic chick behind the counter looks – its the the décor, the atmosphere and the overall ambience that's important in matching the feeling your customers are looking for.

… and here’s a café design hint: If you’re a boutique café going against the evil cookie-cutter Starbucks & Costas of the world -  going for a sense of stylish warmth, accented design and unique warmth and relaxation would be on the money most times… that's why you’ll find more and more café’s accenting and softening their cozy corners with stylish and tactile ambient lounge bean bags and tables.

Getting some premium fabric interior bean bags and mixing and matching with hard table surfaces does wonders for design …and you can also now (if your café has the space) spread into outside spaces on decks, gardens or high street with Sunbrella outdoor bean bags. People just love the structure and stability it and it's the feeling that get people coming back  …



New York, Milan and Melbourne have been doing this for a while…. but something is brewing with London’s love affair with a good coffee. From the first wave of espresso machines in Fifties Soho to the recent Antipodean invasion there is some real distinct UK flavor hitting the high streets.

London has always been a creative design hub and is now brimming with top notch coffee culture .. and interior styling boundaries are being pushed higher with cafe competition.

Most common cafes are studio style interiors that are small and inviting spaces. But adding that touch of softness can help creating that feeling of home and belonging.  

Oh and while you’re at it …. don’t forget to serve some damn decent coffee ….



  1. Taylor Street Baristas –

This small little café spot with a chalkboard menu of espresso drinks and baked goods are what everyone is coming here for. Their popular Wild Blueberry Latte is their top and most ordered coffee. There is a subtle aroma of blueberries that you couldtaste a bit of it when you took at your first sip.

  1. Grind Coffee UK -

The Grind House Espresso blend is roasted daily, in small batches, and delivered to each site every few days where it matures until perfectly ready to drink. Grind Coffee is obsess over every details of the coffee and they use only the best equipment ti pull the best shot for your coffee.

  1. Timberyard UK -

Even before Starbucks released their newest drink collection, Teavana – a fusion of coffee and tea drinks, Timberyard has been capturing this imagination of tea and coffee lovers since it opened in January 2014. Timberyard  offers a space for their creative customers who are likely to come together to work more effectively.

  1. Saint Espresso, Angel -

With the commitment to serve heavenly coffee, Saint Espresso’s  baristas are all fully trained professionals with years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. Their beautifully designed interior: clean black lines, warm wood and copper accents are what make them stand out.

  1. Ozone Coffee Roasters - Visit their website

If you are looking for a great roasting experience, never doubt to pay a visit at Ozone Coffee Roaster to treat yourself some roasters life. They serve the best Vegan Falafel paired with Decaf Soya Latter, sure you will never get over right away. This place is a highlight and a must to visit when you are around in London.

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