Ambient Lounge - Not Just for Adults, Kids Love Them Too.

The word is out … contemporary designer furniture isn’t just for grown ups.

Comfort-conscious kids are kicking their mums & dad off their Ambient Lounge’s globally and claiming them as their own.


Not just for adults. Get lost in the cocooned comforts of the Butterfly Sofa ... the kids will love it too.

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 Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa - Eco Weave


It’s making UK parents happy though, cause even if the kids are playing, jumping and fighting over the butterfly chairs – they are soft, safe, structured and (pretty importantly) they look awesome in the living room. Heck – the kids might even be quiet & stationary for a while as they cocoon themselves in their ambient lounge and watch TV. Job done!


❤❤❤ скучаю

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 Ambient Lounge Acoustic Sofa -Tundra Spring


Let’s face it – no mum (or dad) wants to spoil their beautiful living space with a kitsch piece of kids furniture (Literally an elephant in the room) …. Well, those days are over with the evolution of kids furniture into contemporary pieces. Even the kids these days are more fashion and style conscious – mini Beyonce’s and mini Ryan Goslings roaming the house talking language above their years. So yeah we argue over generational things from music taste to movies, mancaves vs living room chic …. But family harmony has never been so perfect with the all-satisfying Ambient Lounge …

The proof is in the living.

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