Staying at home? Tips to set up epic home cinema during the corona virus crisis.

So … we’re all at home now 24/7 with no definite end in sight. The kids are running around like mad, the dog is barking, work is calling with financial pressures and the news is all doom & gloom.

We all need a creative space that can make our family or household feel good. An epic Home Cinema experience has never been more important for escapism ... Luckily for us it just take a little bit of creative thinking and a moderate budget to innovate during the crisis.

It may well also save your mental wellbeing.

Here are a few tips:

1Transform your spare room or unwanted spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, an unused garage, a dusty loft or a conservatory …. with a little imagination you can now of turn it into an amazing home cinema/media room. It can also help create two living room zones for some privacy from the kids or your partner - especially when you guys are fighting over what to watch.

2. Declutter. Completely clean it out the space you choose (it will feel good doing this). Throw out the old things that you always knew you didn’t need and move/store the rest. This will give you the extra space you need to make your home bigger and more livable during a lockdown.

3. Choose your Big Screen Experience: Spend the time to measure up and find a decent size wall for your TV or projector. The deeper the room the better for viewing. The space (and budget) itself will determine which one is the more suitable. You can make almost any space work and once you have the screen plan you can then work on the speakers & furniture. 

4. Black it out… the ability to darken a room will make it feel like a home cinema. It’s also fun. This could mean temporarily blocking windows or permanently designing a way to darker the room such as electronic blinds.

5. Get yourself a Crisp Sound. Most normal sized rooms don’t need anything too expensive but sound is important … so make sure you can amplify your cinema and surround sound for the goosebump moments during a horror or thriller. Choose good quality amplifier & speakers and you’re nearly set.

6. Lounge out in comfortable, lightweight furniture. Relaxation for movies marathons is crucial. It’s the icing on the cake and what your body cries out for. Get the true gold class experience by decking out the room in comfortable furniture that looks good and is tactile. So whether you are in a one piece, your PJ’s or just having a netflix ’n chill cuddle session with your partner - you have something that you can lounge out (in various positions) in complete comfort. Lightweight furniture such as ambient lounge soft furniture also gives you the flexibility to re-arrange - take it into other rooms - and freshen up the house with a new look and feel. 

7. Get a Table. It’s essential to have drinks, snacks, computers, phones and the remote control in reaching distance. Make sure you allow some space for the side or coffee table.

8. Style it up to your taste. It doesn’t need to look like a man-cave or the foyer of the Ritz … color your home in tones that are warm and tactile - make it feel friendly and homely and hopefully also look great.

So you’re all set. Subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Foxtel, Skye and whatever else floats your boat and get set for mega lockdown home cinema marathons.


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