preparing for home lockdown. tips on coping with covid19, social distancing & keeping spirits high.

How to Cope if anchored home in the face of Covid19?

(March 15th, 2020).

The Football's been cancelled. Restaurants & bars are starting to close. Planes are grounded. Cinema is a no-go zone. Toilet rolls are scarce. Music Festivals are off. Shops are shut and work has told you to work from home for a few weeks.... No this isn't a scene from the movie 28 Days Later but it could happen within 28 days if Australia is to follow hardline measures in China & Europe to stop the spread of Covid19 within our community. We could be in for a bunker down lockdown in Oz for a short while.

Learning lessons from Asia and Europe guide us to how can we prepare better for this sudden upheaval to our Aussie lifestyle.

It's not all doom & gloom. Here's a few hints to cope well.

1. Remember this is a short-term thing.

Try and keep things in perspective. Social media & news outlets can amplify misinformation. Reassure yourself that there's a concerted global effort to try and contain this virus. Make positives of this short-term situation & realize there is a finish line soon. Set a date to return to your normal lifestyle and discuss that goal with the family.

2. Be productive at home.

If it feels like you cant earn money then use this time to hone your skills on things you have been putting off for years. Learn a music instrument or a new language. Do an online course. Many of us will still be able to work from home instead of an office so set up a private zone that allows for that. Work with headphones on to maximize enjoyment and focus. Treat yourself regularly & take breaks that you wouldn't normally have at work.

3. De-stress.

Fear and anxiety about a virus can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Cope with stress by listening to calming music, take deep breaths, do yoga & meditate, read books (not the phone) and lounge in comfortable clothes. Buy a home massage machine and relax as much as you can in your favorite ambient lounge® chairs

4. Workout at home.

A daily exercise regime within your means can help ... watch some workout at home YouTube videos for tips on this. Jogging outside (away from people) is a way to get out and about and some fresh air.

5. Eat healthy food & Catch up on Sleep.

Here's your chance to sleep in a little and get that rest your body has craved for years. Just Do it and enjoy the indulgence ... make sure the food you intake is a balance and eat plenty of vegetables & fruits to keep your immune system strong. Learning to cook new things can be fun too.

6. Buy things online.

Don't panic about food & supply shortages, you can can still almost all things online. Supply won't stop and thanks to the internet things can be delivered magically to your door - fast. You can also buy things for your older family that may not be online savvy. (think about your mum & grandparents)

7. Watch feel-good movies. Lots of them.

Comedy marathons are fun. Net-flick through the classics and re-watch some of your old favorites. Pull up your comfy chair and grab a cuppa (or something stronger) and enjoy!

Ambient Lounge support the Royal Melbourne Hospital & have donated lounges to our wonderful doctors, nurses & healthcare workers as a coping mechanism for the Covid19 crisis. The influx of patient’s has taken toll on these healthcare workers; increasing patients by thousands per day. All medical staff work overtime, with high health risks & feel burnt out. Ambient Lounge proudly helped create a Royal Melbourne Hospital pamper room for staff. Healthcare workers chill/relax/sleep in ambient lounges during break times. The relaxing space to allows them put their feet up on during break time and means a lot to their mental health & wellbeing. Ambient Lounge salute these Aussie medical heroes.


We're here to help UK relax and reduce anxiety in tough times. If you need advice on buying ambient lounges for your home please feel free to live chat us or call on +44(0) 844 579 1112  - we'll be happy to help. Throughout the Covid19 crisis we will have good quantities of stock and can deliver most orders within 1-5 days, anywhere in the UK.


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