Stunning resort in Jeju Island, South Korea gets 5 star bean bags.

It's not just Gangnam in Korea that pushes the style boundaries ...

Ambient Lounge interior and outdoor designer bean bags don't just make stunning home furniture, they are made from such high quality fabric that they are also widely used in commercial projects and hotel settings. Take this 5 star hotel in South Korea for an example, the Haevichi hotel. (pictured below).

ambient lounge bean bags at a 5 star spa in Korea

The hard lines of the hotel architecture are offset by the coziness, softness and clean lines of the Ambient Lounge designer bean bag furniture. Treating the guests to a sense of warmth and welcoming as they approach the hotel set amidst a stunning backdrop of ocean setting. It is limitless what you can do with Ambient Lounge furniture, which has been used in the UK in establishments such as the Rooftop Gardens hotel in London, Edinburgh University and various music festivals such as Big Chill, V festival and the O2 wireless festival. 

For interior designers, hotel managers and design project co-ordinators that are interested in Ambient Lounge bean bag furniture, please give us a call or use the bean bag Trade Enquiry Form and we will get back to you with ideas and implementations that will exceed your expectations. We love creating an atmosphere that makes your guests and customers simply say "Wow"! 

Beautiful Spa gets ambient lounge waterproof bean bags




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