It's a Dog's Life indeed. Put your canine on cloud 9 with a luxury Pet Bed

Doesn't your dog deserve a bed that's good enough for a human?

It's a dog's life with Ambient Lounge pet beds


With British summer well underway we can finally enjoy taking our furry friends out for a long and leisurely stroll. What better way to reward Rufus or Roxy afterwards than with a comfortable bed to rest their weary paws?

The Ambient Lounge Pet Lounger is a premium quality bean bag bed designed with your dog's best wishes in mind.... a good night's sleep and a place to call their own! Whether your pet is as prim and proper as the Queen herself, or an uncontrollable, destructive mess, the detachable faux fur and the machine washable, waterproof cover ensures that this durable, chew-resistant bed will stay in your family for years to come.

It’s just so comfy, you might find yourself cuddling up in the lush faux fur beside your fuzzy companion! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out and like our Facebook page! There, you’ll find a 10% discount promo code for the Pet Lounger and other cool pictures from the Ambient Lounge collection. You can find our Facebook Page here. ... and please don't forget to like us if you love what you see ;)

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CHEW RESISTANT WATERPROOF BASE! (See Below). Dog's can try, but the soft but ultra tough fabric is almost impossible to chew through. The base is easy for cleaning, just lightly scrub with warm water.

chew proof fabric is awesome 

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