Nightbloom isn't just for the living room

"We wanted to create a fabric that is waterproof, unique and tactile but not obviously outdoors on first sighting"

The biggest challenge for the Ambient Lounge International design team has been coming up with a soft and supply fabric that would be able to be manufactured into the Gold Class range for outdoors. High class outdoor furniture designed for premium hotels, Spas, beautiful balconies and classy cribs was the aim - with the ability and flexibility of bringing them indoors.

We wanted to create a fabric that is waterproof, unique but not obviously outdoors on first sighting.

Mission accomplished! Gold Class all-elements range is created with the Oceana and Nightbloom fabrics... and this is just the beginning. They are both available from June 1st in the UK, just in time for the great British summer.


The Oceana is a subtle blue Pinstripe has all the layered elements of the oceans from the deep atlantic to the aqua shallows of the Mediterranean and the bright and crisp feeling of a fresh coastal breeze. Classy, classic fabric that looks good in any beautiful outdoor or indoor space.

The Nightbloom is made from a durable hard-wearing but soft outdoor fabric that has multi-layer aesthetic qualities and supreme tactility. Suitable for anything from commercial design projects, hotels, living rooms and kids playrooms.


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