Summer lovin' happens so fast ... make the most of it

Want some summer luxury? Why not get your own personal cloud?

Satellite Sofa by Ambient Lounge


Here is the UK, summer lovin' happens so fast - so make sure you make the most of it on our uber sized Satellite Twin Sofas. It's like having your own personal cloud in the back garden, balcony or conservatory. Sprawl out by yourself on the fully quilted surface and indulge in the bean bag bliss.... made from waterproof cotton canvas, you can keep them outside with confidence and they clean up with a good warm water scrub up.

There's room on there for two for the romantics who want to snuggle up... or kids can go absolutely wild and jump all over them.... or those adults still with kids inside ;)
From £199 - these mega outdoor sofas give you years of good vibes and great value summer, spring, autumn and even winter days :)
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