Just Chillin' - Enjoy your summer (while it lasts)

Ok - so you're sick of the grey English skies right and a few streak of blue are now shining through ....

These are the days where the rays feel so good on our skin and a walk in the park or chillin' in the garden doing nothing at all can be the best.

Simple stuff...a Pymms and lemonade, music on.... no work to do. Who needs ibiza? (well.. maybe sometimes its good to go there)

Just take a look at our new Nightbloom and Oceana series, as seen in some designer resorts in the UK. Solution Dyed and soft, but amazing under the sun ..

Unlike some fabrics, wont fade easily. Summer is beautiful..



Avoid that #lanadelray summertime sadness. The gorgeous Nightbloom fabric has arrived.. #weatherproof #beautifulfabric

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