Tips on Creating your own Epic UK Home Cinema

As a London-based movie buff, I would always dream of creating an epic home cinema.

As a London-based movie buff, I would always dream of creating an epic home cinema. It allows family & friends to enjoy the the best movies with home comfort sound & vision, cold beers and absolutely luxury and privacy. These rooms also double up as amazing sports-viewing (for World Cups and Euros) or news watching for when we all need that little bit of escapism.

So once you’ve made the call to build your dream – the big question is to convert or to create?

Converting a spare room, garage or a room in the basement is one option. Another is to scale up your living room based on a budget. Home entertainment systems can range from a simple LCD TV to an exciting full-scale custom build. Sound, light and furniture are the key elements that enrich a “Home Cinema” experience.

With careful planning and execution, the cinema experience at home is attainable. But it’s not all about the big screen and comfy furniture – Sound and lighting are important for setting the mood and total surround experience.

Selecting the right furniture for your home cinema is essential. The chairs you choose should be functional, relaxing and (if possible) stylish! You can have it all with looks, value and comfort and have more money leftover to spend on that huge and all-important HD screen.

In case you are not looking for retro and a recliner then here are a few on trend options…

1. Homely feel and comfort with a spread of cushions. A rather unconventional way, yet it will you to break-free from your hectic routines. The purpose of having a home cinema is not to sit firm and follow conventional furniture rules, isn't it?
You should go for cushions that are very tactile and beautiful. Cushions come in various sizes. Combining, it with other seating formats make an exciting color variation and lounging flexibility (think head positions and full body casual relaxation) . A splash of life with colour using your creative talent will keep in the friendliness and warmth.

2. Laze away in style with Ambient Lounge designer bean bags. Its no coincidence that commercial cinemas are using Ambient Lounge bean bags to entice people our of their homes …
These are the coolest and most affordable way to be laze around and enjoy a fabulous home cinema. Some of them can be moved around with ease enabling the viewing angle and distance to be personalised. These lounging options provide full body support and relaxation.

Whatever your final choices – it’s now within mosts family’s budget to bring the cinema experience to home. If you haven’t already taken the plunge, do it – you’ll never look back.

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