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Sophisticated outdoor bean bags made from premium fabrics that are soft, durable, washable, comfortable and waterproof.

Bean bag furniture that is at home indoors or out.

Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility

Waterproof Covers

Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels

world’s best USA-made Sunbrella® fabric

Welcome to your personal cloud!

Perfect for lazy sunny Sundays and beyond...

Outdoor Bean Bag furniture has evolved!

Made with high back support and premium hard-wearing waterproof fabrics.

1) Tensile Elastic Structure.  

Design simplicity can be complex. With our intricate internal elastic support; our loungers are soft but sturdy.

2) Lush Quilting.

Sink into thickly padded seating at the end of a long day. Our quilted interior creates the gorgeous form that interior designers love.

3) Premium Fabric.

We’re all about feeling & quality. We make our furniture with next-level fabrics so you can invest with confidence & longevity.

4) Premium-bead Centre.

50% smaller, higher density beads lie deep within to give you a longer lasting, quieter and more comfortable experience.

Bring on the UK outdoors...

Rain, hail or sunshine these waterproof bean bags cope with anything & feel amazing. Full-body support and soft premium fabrics sit you effortlessly all day long.

Isn't it time to take it outside? With this lightweight, waterproof, UV resistant, mold resistant, breathable, stain resistant, fade resistant outdoor fabric sofa you can... easily. Take your lounger straight from the cinema room out to the balcony, the backyard, the beach, or even onto a yacht. That's the flexibility and beauty of Ambient Lounge® structured bean bag furniture.

This commercial grade outdoor furniture is perfect for urban cafe's, designer hotels, spas, outdoor events, business breakout areas or of course your own home. Relax on your balcony, backyard, deck or (if you're lucky enough) by your pool in exquisite comfort .. and when you've finish, you can clean and dry your bean bag sofa and bring it inside.

Can't you just see yourself lounging on one of these with a gin & tonic on a warm summer's afternoon? All you need is your own personal butler now....


Want to secure your bean bags from dust, heat, and rain outside?.... Get our Waterproof Outdoor covers for your lovely bean bags.

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