put your canine on cloud 9

Your pampered pooch can curl up, sink in & drift off in complete peace.It's a dogs life indeed!

coat clean hygiene

Washable Zip-off luxury

Lush faux fur sheet is removable & washable for superb doggy hygiene. Ultra-Bead centre makes fleas flee & bed-bug free for less scratching. Buy Spare covers so your dog’s bed stays squeaky clean.

heavenly inside & out

waterproof base for outdoors

Doesn't matter if your dog loves sleeping in the living room, balcony, bedroom, yard or porch they can with this flexible, luxury bed. Weather-resistant base can stay out in the rain, hail or shine.

built for 30+ dog years

A bed for a big part of your dog's life

With washing, care & top-ups these luxury beds last years. Many owners bought 5+ (human) years ago & tell us they are adored by their dog & like new.

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less bite. sleep tight.

Super-Tough Chew Resistant Base

Don’t worry… Max won’t be the destroyer. Uber tough 99% chew resistant base means even the naughtiest dogs can’t penetrate the fabric. They give up & submit to comfort.

if dogs could talk

They would commit their love

The fact is that dogs just adore their ambient lounge beds. Owners across the world tell us every day. Don't take our word for it. Check it out from the source.

size matters

Which size bed should I buy my dog?

Let’s take out 99% of guesswork. Whilst there’s no size-fits-all rule, dogs generally prefer a bed that's bigger than them. You know your dog better than us but here’s a handy breed info tool:

Your dog

Select Dog Breed

Average height:

Average weight:

Did you know:

Your Dog’s Ideal Bed:

Select Dog Breed

comfort that breathes

Ventilated & gently moulds to your dog’s body

Canine Cloud9 starts with the bed gently moulding to your dog’s favourite sleeping position. The Smartvent™ system combines with the thick, lush fur surface & slowly pushes air out as your dog lies down to rest …. Oh the comfort!

buy for your dogs

A lifetime of heaven awaits

You can’t put a value on your dogs’ happiness ... but when you see those cute faces all curled up, stretching & yawning it just warms the heart. (Not to mention the fact that you might actually get your couch or bed back for yourself now)

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wanna shop for humans?

not just for dogs – we have owners covered

Don't let your dogs have all the fun …. ambient lounge® have a soft living room luxury collection unparalleled for both indoors & outdoors.
Turn your home lifestyle into a resort.

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