golden retrievers are charming & irresistible big dogs with big hearts ..

Almost all of us know someone who owns a "goldie" (golden retriever). After all, they are one of the most popular dog breeds globally, and for very good reason…

Why? Humans and little humans simply cannot resist them! Golden retrievers have a dense, lustrous golden coat that makes them sparkle like diamonds under the sun. They give clingy hugs. They have intelligent eyes (especially when there’s a treat in your hand) and they’re known for being eager hunters. They love chasing everything from birds to cats with what looks like an eternal playful smile on their face.

Golden retrievers exhude positive vibes that could warm the heart of anyone. Just take a look at how cute they look on their beds when they sleep... aaaaawwww.

They are friendly to absolutely anyone, and have a tolerant attitude to small children and other pets (even cats). If you tell a Goldie a secret, you can be sure it will stay between the two of you forever. They are also super smart and makes them highly capable of working with humans.

Here’s a little bit trivia: Goldies are a favourite choice for Police - hunting to sniff out contraband! They are badass that way. Super strong senses! It's that same sensitivity that makes them fall in love with the lush faux fur of ambient lounge beds... we recommend the large size bed - they find them absolutely paw-fect. Just take a look.

Hearts of gold(en) make them great therapy and assistance dogs. They give the best comfort to humans, and serve as guide for the blind and needy. Goldies are leaders in their own right, and they love playing this role.

Another thing humans love about them is how playful golden retrievers are. They have a positive approach in their daily life: always smiling, always jumping, and always ready to lend a helping paw to anyone who needs it. (That is if they’re not napping)

These energetic, powerful, and beautiful golden doggos enjoy outdoor play, and like taking long naps in between. They also like swimming and fetching (even in their dreams!) so an uber comfortable Ambient Lounge makes their heart grow fonder.

If you own a golden retriever, you know how loyal they are to their humans… And they don’t ask for anything other than your love, and probably their own Ambient Lounge bed to take a rest after a long day of playing. Your Goldie will be sure to hold your hand for as long as you are with them. Enjoying belly rubs, running around parks and beaches, and playing catch forever and always.

Ambient Lounge love golden retrievers and we're sure they love us.

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