Gear Up for entire Premier League Season on a Designer Bean Bag.

The best seat in the house for the Premier League is right in your living room ..

There is nothing like sitting on the edge of your seat in the 88th minute, your team a goal up and defending grimly against wave after wave of attack .... the Premier League season is long and challenging and not always a comfortable or smooth ride for your boys. However one way to make it more comfortable would be to get hold of the "best seat in the house" .. and Ambient Lounge designer bean bag chair. We make them with proper (thick weave) furniture fabrics like Luscious Grey (pictured below) and Eco Weave ... soft on your skin like a £1000 sofa but a fraction of the price.

The gold class bean bags have back support to so that you don't fall of your chair in the excitement of your team scoring...but still the softness of a bean bag so that it can take the pounding of you jumping around when your favorite striker curls one into the top corner. ... or your dismay at a ridiculous penalty given against you.

We guarantee it's better value 'multi season seat' than buying a few tickets on a cold and miserable day and sitting in the upper echelons of the stand. Enjoy the greatest game in the world on the greatest bean bag in the world.


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