The patented bean bag filling system that became a game-changer

Filling bean bags used to suck. Now it's dead easy ....  just Zip & Tip.

Anybody who has ever filled a bean bag knows that it sucks... well at least it did.


Those difficult days are now be in the past. The Funnelweb "zip and tip" transfer system, designed and patented by the Ambient Lounge® Group, has been invented so that customers now won’t spill the beans when filling, cleaning, topping up and storing their beanbag.

Bean bag furniture is comfortable and popular in the UK and throughout the world; however it has functionally been a mega hassle for both customer and retailer – with the main drawback being the difficulty of filling and unfilling the cover and the hazardous polystyrene beads that escape into all areas of the house. Many Bean bag covers in UK are sold separately to the bead filling – which means hundreds of thousands of customers per year must undertake the task of filling their bean bag. Most who have tried the old methods of filling bean bags testify to how awkward, bulky, time consuming and messy the procedure can be. Beads tend to escape everywhere and that’s not funny to anyone; let alone those with small kids and animals who can swallow the beads.

It’s simple, it’s easy, safe, quick and it works.


In a nutshell - just Zip and Tip ... but if you want the longer version read on ....

The Funnelweb® is a two-part system that includes both a zip funnel located inside a bean bag cover’s main zip and an attachable external mesh bag, usually full of polystyrene beads. This external Funnelweb® bag attaches to a compatible Ambient Lounge bean bag cover’s funnel via a totally secure zip system that allows for decanting beans or filling between the two bags by simply tipping and sealing. It’s straightforward to use and takes just seconds to master.

This filling procedure that used to involve multiple people, loads of time and a vacuum cleaner now safely takes 30 seconds with one person.


All Ambient Lounge® bean bag covers come with a free Funnelweb bag with filling and are fully are compatible with the Funnelweb® system. This allows UK customer to fill and unfill the beanbags easily and (most importantly) fill to their own individual comfort levels. Comfort and fit should be your own choice - some people like their beanbags full filled, some a most "looser fit" so with this system, you can choose to fill it as you please. We always supply ample beads that allow a little bit of top if you get a bit of polystyrene compression after constant wear.

Most importantly, we also use the Australian/USA standard safety locking zip system on our beanbags to keep the bean fill compartment only accessible to adults.

(see filling and unfilling bead transfer below - it's a simple matter of "zip and tip")



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