Bean Bags, coffee and UGG boots ... the best way to get cozy this UK winter

Two of the comfiest ever things came out of Australia. UGG boots and Ambient Lounge's

It's been one of those weeks. The wind howlin' outside, the slush and mud scuffing our nice pants as we walk through the streets and the darkness seeming to close in on the sky not too long after we finish lunch.... we're dreaming of summer and counting down the days. When we finally beat the London rain and get to the front door it feels like a giant weight has lifted off  - we have beaten the day and now can relax with all the comforts that we have created at home.

The way we have beaten the winter is setting up our living room as a cozy Home Cinema, a cafe and a reading/study room all rolled into one. We have the coffee machine perched proudly up on the bench and that's the first thing we do when we get home. I love to make an awesome cuppa that blows away the ones people buy from Starbucks and Costa Coffee... then i slip on my UGG boots ... kick back onto my luscious grey evolution sofa and tune out from everything that work (and weather) threw at me. My boyfriend also loves his Ambient Lounge bean bags and then it's time to check out  a movie that we downloaded on our awesome LCD screen internet TV.

Looking outside the window with a glazed look i vaguely aknowledge that i really should get down to the gym - but you know what? I really can't be assed.

It's winter. I'm cozy. It's bean bags, coffee and UGG boot time.


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