Ambient Lounge Movie Review. ALL IS LOST w/ Robert Redford

Lost on a solo journey to nowhere ... one for the home movie catalogue on a cold winter night.

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DIRECTOR:  J C Chandler

CAST: Rober Redford

AWARDS: Golden Globe - Best Original Score

This is a film the like of which you have probably never seen. Apart from a brief minute or so of initial voice-over, there is no dialogue whatsoever, there is a cast of only one, and there is no real plot or back-story. Yet ‘All Is Lost’ is one of the most gripping and tension filled movies that we have seen in many years. If you enjoyed Tom Hanks in ‘Castaway’ then you will be enthralled by this tale of one man’s battle to survive against the odds. Redford is totally believable as the ageing tar, sailing solo through the Indian Ocean. Whilst there is no back story - in fact we never really find out anything about him - we the voyeuristic viewer share every moment of frustration, fear and terror as if we were a silent sailor on board. We watch as Redford uses every tool at his disposal in his desperate attempts to survive the disasters that confront him.

This is a very special movie, beautifully filmed and well acted, with a marvellous use of sound and sight by this talented Director to keep us engrossed throughout. I must say that I left the theatre feeling as if I wanted to know our hero better after intimately sharing so many challenges with him, but perhaps those questions were better left to post film thought and speculation.  Truly a must see..

RATING:  4 1/2 beanbags  all is lost - 4.5 stars



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