Matty Selley - Harry Styles' cousin - rocks out on his Ambient Lounge

There's only One Direction for Matty Styles to head in his living room - straight to the Butterfly Sofa ...

One Direction's Harry Styles was famously seen hangin' out with his cuz (and good mate) Matty Selley on Instagram watching the boxing together (shirtless)... setting the pulses racing of their adoring fans and sending Matty's Instagram and Twitter accounts into overdrive. 

and why not? .... Matty's got the charm, the style, the blue eyes and the UK style that has thousands of girls (and probably a few guys) in love with him. Despite the overdose of attention, he's a lovely, sweet and down to earth guy whos got time for everyone.

When Matty gets a rare moment to himself - he's chillin in his living room on his much-loved Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa. He loved it so much that he asked us if we could set him up a discount code so he could tell his fans about us. So here it is.... type in MATTYSELLEY to our promo code at checkout and we'll give you 20% off your order.

That's Matty's personal gift to you... and who are we to argue with such a sweet guy?

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